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Gay Protocols

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The Onward March of Gay Zionism

The spread of homosexuality is all part of a Zionist conspiracy. Don’t take my word for it. Mashregh News says so.

Do you have your copy of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion to hand? If you do, please have a look through, just to refresh your memory over the various techniques the nefarious Jews plan to use on their path to world domination. If you don’t, or if you are unfamiliar with this seminal text, let me act as your guide on the essentials.

It’s all there – religion undermined, morals subverted, race and class hatred promoted, banking and credit as a weapon of economic control, the press as a weapon of psychological control; on and on, until civilization itself is destroyed and those elders achieve world domination.

Wait a minute. I’m puzzled. I’ve looked over the text twice to try to find a specific reference. It’s not there. Yes, indeed; one essential part of the platform is missing, namely the intention to cast a gay rainbow across the face of the planet. That’s right – the onward march of homosexuality is another Zionist plot, aided by the governments of Britain and the United States.

We should all be grateful to Mashregh News, an Iranian state-controlled paper (is there such a thing as a non-state paper in Iran?), closely associated with radical Islamists in the city of Qom, for filling this gap in our knowledge, for adding a new protocol to the Protocols.

Last week it wrote that America and England are using money from Jews (isn’t it nice that somebody is still lending in these credit-crunching times?) to spread homosexuality throughout the world. The article went on to blast Israel for promoting demonstrations of gay rights, specifically denouncing Tel Aviv as the gay paradise on earth. And do not be fooled by Conservative Judaism. That’s a movement guided by gay rabbis.

Hollywood, naturally enough, has played a part, depicting gay people in positive terms. But the real shocker for me, the real revelation, is that schools in California include homosexuality in their education plans because of the recommendation of a Jewish university. I’m not sure which ‘Jewish university’, as Mashregh News is silent on the point.

Actually, thinking about this in sober terms, I’m not convinced that the primrose path to decadence is the right way to go. How on earth does one dominate the earth with gays? Perhaps installing them as presidents and prime ministers in such strategic locations as Washington, London, Moscow, Paris and Beijing?

No; so far we’ve had only one gay head of state, the lesbian Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir in Iceland. Iceland! I have to agree with Douglas Murray writing in the Spectator - if Israel is in fact the force behind this then it seems to be one of the worst run Zionist operations of recent years. One of the worst ever, I would add, a disaster all round, a conspiracy that is not a conspiracy because everyone but everyone knows about it, including Mashregh News.

Besides being against gays, against Israel and against the West the real purpose of the said article is to justify the execution in Iran of people purely on the grounds of sexual preference. It also proves one thing: there are gays in Iran, contrary to the past assertion of Mahmoud Amadinejad, the country’s Holocaust-denying president. Maybe they are recent arrivals, exports from Tel Aviv, all part of the Zionist conspiracy.

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4 comments on Gay Protocols

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By Uttam Gill on September 10, 2012 at 12:59 am

Mashregh news item is certainly a big "HOWLER"...Incredibly depressing to alarmist if they believe so and laughable to me...Do they think that they are the only holy cow...Let them howl to their glory...who cares...but yes Anastasia this article is certainly making me laugh and say to hell with this Mashregh News...May be Hollywood borrow an idea to sell and in future we will see a Movie by name...”CONQUEST OF THE PLANETS OF GAYS”...Anastasia thank you for making me stretch my imagination...I am laughing...hahahahahahaha

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By John Nelson on September 10, 2012 at 12:28 pm

Scary stuff! Sadly, such nonsense is not limited to Iranian propaganda. A simple Google search for "Homosexual takeover" will garner many hits...., Family Research Council, etc.. Even memebrs of Congress warn of Henny-Penny world destruction by the Homo Lobby (See Rep. Duncan Hunter R-CA and other nutbags).

In America the Christian-Right crazies offer similar nonsense as the Iranians. Scary, scary stuff when it's a nation-state (such as Iran) or a major political party in the U.S. who push these hate-filled conspiracy theories.

"Stupid is as stupid does"--Forrest Gump

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By Anastasia on September 11, 2012 at 05:27 pm

Uttam, The Planet of the Gays - that would have been a far better title. :-))

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By Anastasia on September 11, 2012 at 05:29 pm

John, yes it is. I hardly think this is a mainstream Republican view though. :-)

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