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Sports Time

by Kire Sdyor (writer), New Shinar, September 06, 2012

Credit: Kire Sdyor
Hope James Gets Back in Time

The theory of being able to move forward and backward through time has been talked about for hundreds of years.

Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and Washington Irving used moving through time as plot devices without ever adding the science to the fiction. In movies and TV, heroes and villains move through time in order to right wrongs, save loved ones, make ridiculous sums of money, or remove their arch nemesis before they become a problem. Einstein, Hawking, and Sagan all weighed in on the practical science and problems for true time travel. Apparently James (Age 9) has been giving it a little thought himself...

James: "Is time travel possible?"
Dad: "Most people don't believe so but there are those that think the government does it. Why do you ask?"
James: "There are some things I'd like to go back and fix."
Dad: "Anything specific?"
James: "First, I'd go back to Game 4 of the 2004 World Series and see the Red Sox win it."
Dad: "Alright."
James: "Then I'd go back to February 4th, 2011 and help Aaron Hernandez catch the ball so the Patriots win the Super Bowl."
Dad: "Not really sure how you could help him but it sounds good. Anything else?"
James: "Then I'd go back to June 15th of 2011 and wake myself up."
Dad: "Why would you wake yourself up?"
James: "So I could see all of Game 7 of the Bruins Stanley Cup win. I fell asleep. Do you think it's OK to wake yourself up when you time travel?"
Dad: "I think that's just a problem if your sleepwalking."

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