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American Nightmare

by D. E. Carson (writer), , May 03, 2007

Jin Nam Chung, Ki Chung and their son, Soo Chung came to America to claim their piece of the American Dream. Now they are considering returning to South Korea because they have been sued right out of their minds to the tune of $65 million.

According to court records, back in 2005, Washington, DC administrative hearings judge Roy Pearson dropped off several suits for altering at the Chung’s Custom Cleaners in the northwestern area of the city, near his home. When he returned two days later to claim his clothes, one pair of pants was not ready. Subsequently, the pants were deemed to be lost. However, when the pants resurfaced a week later, Judge Pearson refused to claim them and filed suit to sue the Chungs for his inconvenience.

The Chung’s lawyer, Chris Manning said that the Chungs offered Pearson three separate settlements for the pants, $3,000, $4,600 and $12,000, however, Pearson refused all attempts and expands his claim to cover $10,000 he spent renting a car to drive to another cleaners not near his house, and invoking a little-used consumer protection ordinance in the city. By Pearson’s calculations, the fine comes to $1500 per violation per day times 12 violations, times 1200 days time three people. Of course, the Pearson’s have to foot the bill for their own defense as well as the court costs. According to Manning, “the Chungs are out a lot of money, but more importantly, incredibly disenchanted with the system. This has destroyed their lives.” Additionally, the pants in question are hanging in the office of the Chang’s lawyer, unclaimed. Pearson denies they are his pants, but Manning says, “They match his inseam measurements. The ticket on the pants match his receipt”. Is it any wonder they want to chuck the whole American dream?

Is this judge smoking crack? Talk about stupid. While I believe in good customer service, I also understand that sometimes mistakes are made. Not knowing how many suits amount to “several” is actually immaterial. To borrow from a fellow writer here at Broowaha-LA, this judge is a douche-bag. This judge has no right to sue these people for the amount of money he is claiming. That he is using a consumer protection ordinance to his financial advantage is atrocious. That ordinance is not intended for him to use to pad his own slime-infested wallet. Judge greaseball should be disbarred, removed from his bench, forced to pay the Chang’s legal fees and be forced to spend five years living in South Korea so he can see just why the Changs came to America in the first place.

This is a plain and simple case of stupidity and greed gone too far. This judge owes these immigrants a whole lot of “I’m sorry.” As it stands now, this scumbag needs to sit down and have a tall cold glass of “whoop-ya-up-side-the-head!” This scumbag needs to be bounced off the bench but fast. This kind of stupidity is just another reason people come here illegally. Why deal with pieces of crap like Pearson in the legal channels when you can get cash money under the table without having to fight the stupid bureaucracy and keep ALL of it?

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