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Christmas in September

by Kire Sdyor (writer), New Shinar, September 02, 2012

Every year on the first day of September a strange and wonderful thing happens to college bound children.

Those who no longer believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or living under the rules of their parents homes travel to a magical land full of wonder and discovery. Allston, Massachusetts. Once there they'll be unburdened by curfews, set dinner times, and chores. They'll be free to sleep until dark, consume ridiculous amounts of alcohol, and throw parties every night. They will truly be free.

At least until the second week of the month when they need to attend school, or the third week of the month when they have no money for food, or the last week of the month when they have no money for rent. But all that is in their future. In the magic land of Allston you just have to worry about the present.

The burden of your parents yoke has been lifted. You are free. At least you will be as soon as you ask your parents to drive all the furniture, food and household goods they purchased for you down a narrow one way street lined with rental trucks, packs of beer drinking, dope smoking college students, and small groups of parents in Hazmat suits wandering the streets with random desk lamps in their hands wondering how after twenty years of caring and nuturing, their children's lives have come to this.

Merry Christmas children of Allston.

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