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From Personal Statement, to Slot Shopping

by allisonharvard (writer), , September 04, 2012

The observed behaviour by the 61,000 students is referred as ‘shopping’ revolution. BPP University head Carl Lygo describe this admissions trend as “holding out for a better offer".

Numbers and figures are working their way into analysis nowadays. Everything needs to be counted because consequences have to be accounted for. If you are one of the hopefuls, it should not be a surprise to plague your News search tab with keywords, like UCAS, college admissions, university courses.

You just don’t want to know; you need to get updated. Luckily for today’s generation, any folk could get free access to the latest of news update there is. Just put your plugs, click that mouse, and prepare yourself for the impending tons of choices.

The Remaining Fifth

One such news update, which will put students at a break of reminiscing their moments of personal statement writing, is the August 2012 BBC report. This news plants in highlight the remaining fifth of the university course slots. This estimate has been nailed right after the confirmation of the 400,000 students’ university slots.

Confirmation of university slots continues to hang on the 61,000 students’ final say: either a yes to their original university choices or more university course prospecting. While these students have such fortunate choices to ponder upon, a 162,000 figure is, however, encouraged to grab their eligibility with the remaining slots (figure by Ucas admissions service).

The “Shopping” Revolution

The observed behaviour by the 61,000 students is referred to be the ‘shopping’ revolution. BPP University College head Carl Lygo describe this admissions trend as a means to further “holding out for a better offer.” Moreover, Ucas has detailed the availability of more courses, which supports the admissions service’s forecast of “a higher proportion of applicants getting places” on universities.

Changes in Recruitment

Marred by those numbers’ rise or drop is the changes or allowance in university recruitment. This allowance, in specific, permits universities to garner “an unlimited number of students with AAB A-level grades or better.” Despite this proffered allowance, only a few are observed to utilise such. Interestingly, fewer students did land with these AAB grades, as is the fall of top A-level grades.

In Retrospect

Now that these figures are out, only a few numbers of students could look back at the details that once plagued them with worry. Writing a personal statement feels like it was days and months ago; so long that you can’t help but wonder where you’re lucky stars went or how unexpectedly well you fared. Yet, the significance of this statement should not be left discarded in oblivion.

Instead, triumph at the moment of culmination by which your personal statement took you. Without it, none of those numbers will ensue, nor will students face the dizzying decisions before them – the confirmation, or delayed gratification of checking out more of what universities are to offer.

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By smithjerico on February 07, 2013 at 05:59 am

I truly agree with the shopping trend. Students are very much advanced in the technology. They prefer to buy everything online because this involves saving of time, and everything are available at a fair price.

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