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Key to unlocking the secrets of the subconscious mind

Credit: Jennifer Stone
Subconscious mind holds the key

Our ego, subconscious mind and unlocking the secrets that help us to solve our problems and move on to bigger and better things within our life.

Do you ever get out of bed in the morning, your pain in the back hasn't gone yet asit isstill bothering you the problems from the past? Most people don't even think about our bodies' pains as signs from our subconscious mind.

It could be a problem manifesting into another problem. A larger problem well, I will show you that this pain in some way or form is actually your build up of toxicans that our subconscious mind throws on our body when we are not working through our normal mind's cycle.

For many people the sign, could be crying to fix a problem however the dam could open and nothing will still be fixed. It's just life and how life works. It's just pain yet a Doctor won't do much for this pain. It's the pain from within us.

It really is amazing that the world and the universe even is in tune with our body. Some people will call it depression others will call it anxiety yet it's our subconscious mind. When we can find the door to untrap the pain, we have allowed our subconscious mind and conscious mind to join maybe even for a split second yet it's a start.

We have to ask questions and sort out why we have the pain, sometimes I have pain on my knees yet it's someone else that holds me back in life. When I work out who, I work around it and the pain disappears. Yet for some the pain is crippling. You can tell, some people are fit, yet the aches and pains just happen. Well this could be from the subconscious mind?

Well then I have a bad back, yet it is a pain that comes and goes well it's where my subconscious mind is saying this isn't the normal way you work. Having a pain makes you more aware yet it's this push from our subconscious mind. When we push our needs and wishes into our subconscious mind our own body and mind works to gain them. It could be just a flipant wish and if my subconscious mind hears me say it aloud somehow we are automapping to find the reward. I have now become in tune with my mind from only utilising 10% I have opened the door between my subconscious mind and my conscious mind actually buildling and making use of more mind power.

For many people they don't realise that we need to unlock the door between our conscious and subconscious mind. It's part of the way our body works. We can work with our subconscious mind with someone else in control where they ask you yes and no questions. It could be how you take control questioning your own problem whether this problem is in your work life or in your private life. For many divorces it's the push on the problems that we just can't put right cause the problem to manifest and then explode. You get the drift, so by taking charge of the problem is actually breaking the problem down into chunks and researching and evaluating at each point of the chunk deciding what to do next.

For some, it will be the dynamics of home life, for others it will be the movement in business that is the stress. However most people don't sit back and look at the problem from a far, they are within the problem and not really seeing where the pieces fit together or where the parts need to be pulled apart to find the solution to their problem.

Our subconscious mind is only looking for solutions, which is a way we should all look at life. When we have a problem we can find the solution ourself with our own sixth sense as some say. We have all the answers they say, yet we all have the answers. Whether it's what we need to feel better when we are sick to what we need to make a million dollars. However most people don't link the people together.

Ego is some of this, however some people don't have ego and in some way they are proud to be who they are. Just being you, is sometimes just enough.

It's interesting that ego, can be built up and inflated by people saying nice stuff about you, and ego can be destroyed by people not being nice to others yet for some people they don't care these are the people that are built without the ego that is pushed by others it is self driven by their own self performance.

Our subconscious mind never takes any negativity in to it, the world within our subconscious mind is a wonderful place where our dreams will and can be brought out by some help from our conscious mind. Sometimes it's the pain of our subconscious mind thinking that we are on the wrong path in life and chunking the items up around us exposes the way we should be going.

I write novels about crime yet it's true for the police they chunk the puzzle together and this and that when the people aren't telling the truth there is always something that will pull it apart just like in our own life when the pieces are better understood we are stronger in where we stand.

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