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The Power Of Surrender

by Barbara MacDonald (writer), CANADA , August 24, 2012

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Surrender does not diminish our power, it enhances it.

"Surrender is faith that the power of Love can accomplish anything even when you cannot foresee the outcome." - Deepak Chopra

Why is it that we find it so hard to surrender, and what does this really mean? Somehow the word can bring negativity to mind, especially when our comfort zone lies in being in control. I would like you today to consider another context to surrender.( enlarging the definition and putting a positive spin on what surrender can mean to your life.) Let's stretch our mind, thinking, perspective and put down some of the fears that unknowingly can leave us stuck in the same place...repeating behavior that is not working for us, and is not truly bringing peace to our soul.

You may rightly ask..."but is not surrender meaning we are giving up, we are admitting defeat and giving away our own personal power" ? Actually the opposite is quite true...Let me try to explain what I mean by this.

When you do surrender it means letting go of the need to be right, and allowing truth and your true self to surface. Putting down your ego, which can be a scary feeling...why? ...because it takes trust and many times we have been hurt by trusting someone. Holding on to the need to be right stunts our own growth , leaving us a prisoner to our own fears.

I do wonder where this thinking that we always need to be right came from? Is that not a God complex ...and I myself would hate the responsibility of having to be perfect all the time. Let us accept that we are "perfect imperfection" and not burden ourselves or others with this need to be what it is not humanly possible to be.

How many times do we find ourselves in a quandary of trying to know what is our best path to take, what decision will bring us closer to what our goals are. This alone is so complex because it means asking ourselves what it is we really want ...what also we hold sacred in our value system must be considered. We do not always have all the answers, often because we are only seeing this from our own point of view.

This is when I normally will allow myself to surrender. Putting trust in being given the answer when the time is right. It can be very hard to do, but somehow it gives me peace to let go and just have faith in being shown the way. Another aspect to this is opening yourself to "hear" , "know", "recognize" when you are given direction.

Surrendering to being yourself, knowing yourself, believing and trusting in your own courage to deal with any burdens which life can bring you... For myself personally, knowing that there is a power stronger than I, which will direct my course if I am able to surrender to this.

In many ways life to me is "a leap of faith"... and I am so grateful to have been given faith...

Surrender to all the beauty life can bring you and rejoice in your "human fragility" ...leaving the need to be perfect to God.

Copyright © 2012 Barbara MacDonald

"If you laugh, let the laughter shake your very foundations. If you cry, become your tears; let your heart be poured out through tears. If you hug somebody, then become the hug. If you kiss somebody, then just be the lips, then be just the kiss. And you will be surprised how much you have been missing, how much you have missed, how you have lived up to now in a lukewarm way." Osho

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6 comments on The Power Of Surrender

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By Uttam Gill on August 24, 2012 at 08:40 pm

Barb, that’s beautiful. In the different shades of life we all carry ourselves with varied emotions and that’s how we live….but that’s now enough and that’s how we analyze our life, that’s what we call introspection. I agree with you that one need to surrender to the given conditions of life and but that should not be an abject surrender. Life is too precious…life has meaning…life has responsibilities…life is a dream too…To me surrender is an honest submission to universal truth…It’s certainly an outstanding post.

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By Barbara MacDonald on August 25, 2012 at 10:22 am

Thank you Uttam, I agree with you that abject surrender is never okay...but I am talking here of another kind of many ways it is a spiritual way to "walk in my life" ...and yes I put great faith in is an unwavering belief in the power of something "larger' than just is a profound " Law Of The Universe" is knowing that everything happens for a reason and that even when we do not know the why...we will eventually be shown.

True surrender comes about as a result of developing a deep understanding of the process of creation, planting the desired seed, believing in the inevitable outcome, (it’s growth) and allowing that growth process to unfold naturally. You phrased this exactly what I meant..."To me surrender is an honest submission to universal truth..." Thank you again Uttam.

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By Barbara MacDonald on August 25, 2012 at 12:47 pm

*** for some reason I was not able to post this I will put it here...

Sweet Surrender....John Denver

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By Uttam Gill on August 25, 2012 at 11:11 pm

I agree with you Barb...Thank you so much for sharing this song ..."Sweet Surender"-John Denver...THIS SONG IS BEAUTIFUL...

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By Angie Alaniz on September 04, 2012 at 01:52 am

Well said Barb :) and I understand your kind of surrender which mostly about faith.

Besides all that, who wants to be perfect anyway? That would mean you're predictable and would be a robot.

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By Barbara MacDonald on September 04, 2012 at 01:54 pm

Thank you Angie, yes, how boring life would be if we were all clones and "perfect"...think I will celebrate my "imperfections" and just be who I am...

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