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That's The Ticket

by Kire Sdyor (writer), New Shinar, August 18, 2012

Credit: Kire Sdyor
I eventually found the ticket, the next day

You know when you are hit in the head with a falling rock and awake to find not only a big lump on your noggin but also an idea that will change the world? No? Me either.

Usually it takes being hit in the head three or four times before I get a great idea and by then someone else has thought of it. Today's great idea is for a claim check ticket for your smart phone where just handing over your car, coat, or kid and then tapping your phone on the counter gives you a virtual ticket to retrieve them. Why do you need a virtual ticket, you say? It's not like you ever going to lose the paper one...

Kire: "I lost the claim ticket."
Ann: "What does that mean?"
Kire: "It means I don't know where the claim ticket is."
Ann: "But what does that mean?"
Kire: "I guess it means our car can't be brought to us and we need to take the bus home."
Ann: "How can you lose a ticket someone handed you less than two hours ago?"
Kire: "There's a first time for everything."
Ann: "First time? Let's review. In the last year you've lost the ticket to the Turnpike which caused you to have to pay the maximum toll."
Kire: "It blew out the window."
Ann: "You misplaced the coat check ticket at the restaurant during a snow storm."
Kire: "It's not like they made us go out into the cold without our jackets. Besides, I tipped her well."
Ann: "You were unable to find the ticket for the mall parking garage, held up the entire line of cars, and made us all get out of the truck so you could search under the seats. I'm fairly certain mall security still plays back the tape of that when they need a good laugh."
Kire: "OK, that wasn't my most shining moment."
Ann: "Just go tell the valet which keys are yours."
moments later...
Kire: "I seem to have misplaced my valet slip."
Valet: "Oh, we don't use them. Your name sir?"
Kire: "Sdyor."
Valet: "Your car will be up presently."
Kire: "See. I knew I didn't lose it."
Ann: "Your an idiot."
Kire: "Yeah, but I'm your idiot."
Ann: "Lucky me."

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