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A good Detective Inspector, Fred Krabe, what is the truth?

Credit: Jennifer Stone
Finding the hidden truth between the lies, corruption and exposing the drug trade

Fred Krabe was investigating the drugs, he had found out about the toxic drugs in food that was 1958 and istill happens today. Just a little insight the history behind the Notorious Kings Cross

Investigating The Kings Cross Sting.

Someone I would like to shed some light on, I believe was an honest cop allegedly framed. Mr Krabe was a Detective at Kings Cross, he is known for him turning over the stones, not just some it was very stone to uncover the truth.

Well, over time, in the 1970's he smelt a rat, you could just tell in Kings Cross the association of some had become too pally as he would think. Up at the station he would see things that would make an honest cop like him hair's curl. How could he expose it, if he had no significant evidence. It was the significant evidence, he was digging the dirt in Kings Cross.

At that time during the early part of 1970 he was on the trail of the prostitution rack he was talking alot to the brothel owner of the day, that was running the local brothel that was under the eye of allegedly Abe Saffron it was at the time a hidden brothel she had moved too in Kings Cross on Darlinghurst Road, her name Shirley Briffman.

Shirley Briffman was the Madame at the time, 15 ladies were working out of the Rex Hotel and over time they moved to the brothel, that allegedly Abe Saffron had. It was much better, Shirley Briffman by the police had been given a hard time for the institution of sex on the Red light Strip.

After the innocidents and push on allegedly Shirley Briffman from moving from the Rex Hotel for running the prostitution to the brothel on Darlinghurst Road had affected the allegedly drug trade along the strip, thus this affected business and the bosses behind the industry weren't happy. Detective Krabe had dug into the drug industry since he came to Kings Cross, when he busted Shirley Briffman the way to get back allegedly was to frame the Detective to allow the drug industry to explode.

It was 1971, Shirley Briffman in the brothel I will alleged that Detective Krab was in and out. It was hidden above the shops, yet not many knew about it, and Detective Krabe was sniffing for the good stuff. It was at that time, it was like all of the whistleblowers in Kings Cross working for the gang at the back of Kings Cross, Shirley Briffman took the movie role and allegedly told untruths about Krabe to keep the Detective Inspector away from Kings Cross where he was curbing the drug trade. In 1972 Detective Inspector Krabe retired medically unfit.

With that, Detective Inspector became a Private Investigator himself still working on how the whole drug scene fitted together with the development in Victoria Street. It was the system, that Krabe wanted to uncover as this criminal activity had been allegedly pushed to frame him in this drug industry, he had to uncover it.

If you look now back through history of the criminal world most of the people that allegedly told the police about Krabe actually were doing the drugs and criminal activities themselves and the telling a few untruths for the cause actually was pushing the Detective Inspector Krabe to be dishonoured. It was the system that had been utilised in America and Kings Cross was doing the same. They didn't need Detective Krabe around. Detective Inspector Krabe was digging, the corruption and the drugs, if they left him their he would have uncovered the crime. So George Freeman in 1988 talked about Krabe as a dishonest cop, just to win marks himself to keep under the radar to have immunity so he was protected it was the system.

This system has been going on since 1971, Shirley Briffman, George Freeman, just for the immunity factor. If you tell enough untruths it seems to fall in the part of a movie script, and Kings Cross is full of Movie directors wanting to roll over on someone to gain immunity so they too can allegedly walk the streets in Kings Cross and not get caught. I've seen it happen, it's disgusting and it happens under Section 141 (a) of the Police Act in NSW.

The criminals doing the illegal activities when anything happened around Kings Cross blamed Krabe and it is human nature when more people blame you for it, something sticks, and it did with Krabe.

Prior to all this Krabe, had been involved years before about murder where the toxic ingredient was given through food to the murdered person it was 1952, Abe Saffron had returned to Kings Cross in 1948 it was just the start of the home made drugs that are still around Kings Cross today. It was noted that Krabe's partner at the time ended in a horrific cirumstances. However did they think it was a drug overdose at that time, self inflicted? Now theres a question.

It seemed that Krabe had been following the criminal activity around, he had been around Kings Cross at the time of Juanita Nielsen disappearance and he couldn't work out what happened. He knew the brothel had closed and something was wrong. Yet the continued stories that came from the mob to hide the evidence was horrific and he had no significant evidence.

Shirley Briffman was found dead in March 1972, she had been getting too involved with the police, the alleged stories were getting too many. I believe that the mob was getting nervious as too many stories and Krabe was blamed again however he wasn't anywhere near her.

Krabe was after the mastermind, he had been in Kings Cross for Juanita Nielsen in 1975 disappearance he had suspucions yet nothing concrete, allegedly Krabe followed the killer to Griffith, the person he thought had murdered Juanita Nielsen. Krabe was looking for the significant evidence and exposing the drug network.

19 July 1977 Krabe was hired by Frank Nuggan to investigate in Griffith, this was far away from Kings Cross where allegedly Donald Mackay's body is located. This was just to push Krabe into how the mob working, having him looking in the wrong area and feeding him stories to get him looking somewhere else, he wouldn't think that Donald Mackay had been taken to Kings Cross to be hidden allegedly where Juanita Nielsen was, just because that hiding spot had worked before.

Many times, the mob of gangsters told stories about Krabe, he was being hit by everything and in fact he was just trying to prove his own innocence from the days when Shirley Briffman allegedly told untruths to get Krabe off her case. With others, they told the same stories, they groomed each other with the same movie script to hide the evidence of the drugs, the murders and where the bodies are?

Where the bones remain? Find the bones, with the significant evidence you blow the top on the drug industry in Australia and the links to all over the world.

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By Mico on October 26, 2012 at 09:24 pm

You've got to be kidding me !!! For a start his name was Fred KRAHE not Krabe !!! The evidence is against him... He was as corrupt as they come !!! He was a disgraceful excuse for a human being. A vicious, brutal, sociopathic animal !!!!

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