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A few things to think about

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Akula Class Missile Submarine

Current events that have captured my attention and have become a target for my admittedly shallow criticism.

While I recognize that my articles here have a limited readership, and that many recoil in horror after reading some of my rants, I wanted to vent one more time (not a gas attack!) before I abandon my politics soapbox in favor of subtle author’s messages designed to sell more of my books. So, rather than a rave about some specific heinous event in the world, I thought it might be more productive to stimulate some of your own thinking. Here is a potpourri of topics that quickly come to mind:

  • Syrian rebels kill Russian General caught advising the incumbent government on how to kill more rebels. In Lebanon, religious factions are squaring off for a big fight over sectarian beliefs. I predict this will be the next country to see a revolt.
  • Iran’s President and the Mullahs doing everything they can think of to provoke an attack by Israel or the United States. Why? To unite a pissed-off population and retain control.
  • Reports have surfaced from U.S. special forces operators that President Clinton’s bumbling in Somalia was the primary cause of the ‘Blackhawk Down’ debacle happening right when our troops were on the verge of running the warlords out of the country.
  • Surprise! CO2 emissions in the USA have fallen by over 40% since 2009 as a result of electrical power plants switching from coal to cheaper, cleaner, natural gas. This reduction is close to the requirement of the Kyoto Protocol which the USA never signed. In the meantime the emissions go up, up, up, in China and elsewhere.
  • Also going up, up ,up, is the ‘defense’ spending by Russia and China (in Russia, over 300 Billion dollars). In both cases the money is allocated to strategic weapons production.
  • The U.S. Government is buying hollow point ammunition like it is going out of style--billions of rounds in .357, 9mm, and .40 caliber for agencies such as Homeland Security, the National Weather Service, and the Social Security Administration (could this be part of the plan to reduce Medicare costs?).
  • World-wide bad weather has destroyed much of the food supply for 2013, including corn & cereal crops, and thus, meats including cattle, chickens, and pigs. Already, mass migrations have started around the planet due to starving times.
  • China and its neighbors are in a serious pissing contest over sovereignty of the coastal seas, including regions far beyond the 200-mile limit set under international law. The USA and its former Asian ‘enemies’ are becoming fast friends in the face of this aggression. I predict these close relations will last only as long as the USA offers some form of protection (in addition to foreign aid handouts).
  • Russia and Iran are busy trying to establish military link-ups with countries in South America and the Caribbean, while the U.S. does nothing to dissuade them. For the first time since the ‘Cold War’ Russia is now practicing sneak attacks by nuclear Backfire bombers and Akula attack submarines on the U.S. homeland, while the deadlock in the Congress is about to trigger draconian across-the-board reductions in U.S. defense capabilities.

Here is something else to consider: The entire continent of Africa is embroiled in regional wars, and the drug runners and human traffickers are running amok nearly everywhere. At some point, hordes of starving and/or depraved people will be pouring into Europe just at the time when the E,U. is on the verge of economic collapse.

Can we survive all of this? I think so, but it is going to take a major effort by everyone to become better informed about the dangers we face, and make the painful adjustments needed.

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