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Put a Contract Out on Your Contractor

by Kire Sdyor (writer), New Shinar, August 13, 2012

Credit: Kire Sdyor
A Job Not So Well Done

I've always taught my children the importance of negotiation.

Everything is a deal to be made. Want to watch TV? You'll need you to clean the living room first. Ice Cream after dinner? Sure, but the rubbish must taken out beforehand. All my kids have learned this vital skill to one extent or another and strike a deal whenever possible. None do it quite as well as James (Age 9). I think he must read books on the side with titles like Tony Soprano's Guide to Negotiation or I'm the Don, and You Can Be Too. James always makes you an offer you can't refuse...

James: "Dad, I wish to discuss my previously agreed upon chore."
Dad: "You mean moving those bricks? Did you finish?"
James: "I have not yet completed the task. During our hasty previous negotiations we failed to agree upon a price."
Dad: "You want to get paid for this?"
James: "I feel this task requires some bucks."
Dad: "All right, I'll give you five dollars."
James: "I feel that is a very low offer. There are many factors that cause this to be a difficult task. First, there's quite a bit of grass around the bricks. Two, the bricks are sunk into the ground. Finally, they are quite heavy."
Dad: "So what were you thinking?"
James: "I'm thinking a buck a brick."
Dad: "That's quite a bit of money. How about twenty five cents a pound."
James: "That has potential. How many pounds would you estimate there are?"
Dad: "I'm think there's about ten pounds."
James: "So I could go as low as, say a buck a pound."
Dad: "I'd go as high as fifty cents a pound and we can call it ten pounds of bricks."
James: "I could make that deal. Fifty cents a pound."
Dad: "Great, you'll make five dollars."
James: "Do not be hasty. I will first need to take the scale and see how much a brick weighs. I will then calculate how many bricks there are times the estimated weight."
Dad: "What if I just give you seven dollars right now to stop at the point you're at."
James: "I would be willing to stop this chore for ten bucks right now."
Dad: "Done!"
James: "I think you have made a wise decision."

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By Felicia Stevenson on August 23, 2012 at 06:51 pm


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By Dyzma88 on July 01, 2014 at 07:00 am

Truly awesome

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