Saturday, August 18, 2018

California AB1178: Way to go Leland!

An inescapable result of electing legislators is that they eventually feel the need to write legislation. Existing legislations are, perhaps, consulted with a quick glance. But the egoistic little need to sign one's name to a bill is irrestable and, to get a bill passed into law, produces euphoria in its author.

Of course these bills are written on behalf of the common weal, their underlying premise is always, "the world would be a better place if..."

This brings us to California Assembly Bill AB1178 authored by Assemblyman Leland Yee with the endorsement of Johans Kleh. Attracted by the lobbying of California Pawn Brokers, they have set out on a course that could jeopardize your garage sale, your collecting of Bobbleheads or Murano Glass.

Secondhand dealers, which includes dealers in fine antiques, would be required by this legislation to take your finger prints if you consigned or sold any item to them. They, the dealers, would be required to hold your merchandise for 30 days before reselling it. God forbid your cousin who lucked out at Goodwill in 1986 tries to sell that Meissen Figuerine on eBay.

The idea seems to be to crack down on all of those miscreants who sell old "Ronson Crown Royal" cigarette lighters at the Alameda Flea... or maybe an old laptop with 32mb memory.

Interestingly enough, the usoriousness of pawn brokers is well documented to at least a thousand years back making the "payday loan" boys look like latter day saints.

For more information and links to this subject, query up "Auctions by Bay."

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