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Meteor Showers, Blue Moon and spirits setting free?

Credit: Jennifer Stone
Where the bones remain?

Experience the passion, sombra in the trials and tribulations of the waking of the spirits and how the moon, venus and the Blue Moon are the drawing force to the solving of this great puzzle.

Over the last couple of months I have been reporting the news and facts and how they have come about and been discovered. These facts have been manipulated and weaved through a series of books called The Kings Cross Sting.

It started a night on the 13 February 2009 full moon, within the years the moon and the crazynest that happens has really been noticable by us all. We have followed the Retro of Mercury and the opening of the Gemini Star. We have seen were Virgo was important and then was removed all to allow the centre of the universe to be acted upon where Venus, the moon Aries and Gemini were very important to awaking of the spirits.

The centre of the earth in Kings Cross. Was it a sign back then that the ghosts were awaking. It was adding to the fury of their pain the karma was lashing back at the criminals that they drew to the lair.

All the time knowing that if enough hints and research happened they would one day be free from the prison within the brothel that these bones had rested awaiting the day where the Bohemian Storm will return.

We have had the pull of Venus and the Moon coming together to the closest point in line with the earth once every 100 years. We have had the retro of Mercury where it stops to open the door for people to join that can make History Repeat for the better of all humanity.

We just believe now we entered the door some time in 2009. We were moving through the rubbish, being shown the system in a way whilst the mob in Kings Cross started to get to know us. Now when we gained ownership of a club in 2011 it was as thou our life became caught between the ghosts that had drawn us back to a place with the capacities they thought to be able to create the Bohemian storm, pushing the mix of evidence and understanding the beauty that exists within the Red light district of Kings Cross.

Taking the charm of yesteryear, understanding the signs we followed a trail, time and time again danger was all around and we shouldered through. Voiding the grenades that were shot at us daily sometimes hourly. It was just the Venus and the Moon with the magic Month of July with the 5 Monday's and 5 Tuesday's that only happens once every 825 years you see the magic.

Bohemian Kings Cross, the storm raged, the police fired the grenades like the puppets we had created feeding the evidence too uncovering the corruption and then seeing where the real criminals exist and hide within the cracks of the system where the police can investigate or decide to won't investigate it is under the section 141 (a) of the Police Act of NSW Australia. I am sure other countries have similar cracks that exist that allows this drug network allegedly to hide within the cracks and be lost from society or even the ability for society to expose them. At each turn the information was fed through to the police, then we noticed the large drug busts were coming more frequent the trail of the Kings Cross Currency had started to be exposed.

On the 12 August, 2012 it was the meteor shower that was coming for a couple of days after the winds and howling cold. The stones were being thrown in space where the ghosts were showing there dismay at the treatment and the ability to push to be found was huge.

The uncovering of corruption and who was the problem was uncovered in end of July, to where we found an innocent man in goal with no hope except for us. Most people walk away even from us, why we are too confrontational. We have taken on the big boys in town. The guys that have only fought with braun before and now it was the brains of the attack to push the underground business to be exposed like never before.

Kings Cross was going back to the Bohemian style Madame X was going to be the Queen of the X. Just the ladies of the night that will live without fear anymore. The position of freedom will be given. The mob was hiding within the cracks of silence thinking people were going away and not seeing. Yet others were watching on as thou with dismay that this was happening something that many had thought would never happen in history.

History was being rewritten with the theories, the understanding of the system to a level that had never been put under the microscope before. It was sending in the Private eye in business the Undercover detective. Well it was exactly what I had been doing for months and months asking the question assessing, putting the facts together for the puzzle to fit.

Life moves in mysterious ways, well we have the meteor shower until the 23 August, 2012 it's just a couple of days. I can feel the grenades being loaded like today, it was loaded in the gun and fired off to the Governor General. To ask about a Royal Commission into the Red light district, to the corruption and the inability for the police to act on the information.

Shootings all around Sydney had started again, it was the planets and the moon yet we had bones and still we were having trouble for the Government to start a search for the bodies. The evidence had been put into place yet no one would look at the evidence. It was the way to look without looking, see without really uncovering. Leave the system their, and we will just grenade the drug dealers however it's the drug network that needed to go down.

The Full moon was coming yet this was different the Blue Moon with the silver linings for the start of the life that they say, if your world is falling apart, it is just doing this so more magical experiences can evolve.

I was looking forward to hearing the words, A Royal Commission or we will search for the bodies within the secret hidden brothel in Kings Cross against two anti drug activists. Yet we would be going to town tomorrow for some way to stop somethings awaiting the Blue Moon to collide with the Universe for the Bohemian Kings Cross and the Queen that we say Thank God for the Queen, God Save the Queen and we both needed to hear that it was a somber thought in the trials and tribulations of the months of extortion and torture we had survived. It was just a couple of days away however I knew one phase was happening tomorrow to allow for the Blue Moon to shine the silvery lining.

My hand today had been so itchy, I knew it was a sign we were moving forward. The quiet option, as we thought the mob would be unaware of the full throttle effect of the magic that stands where bones, want to return home to the loved ones.

The sadnest, was our mission was nearly over. With tears in my eyes tonight as I tell my story, the heart feels heavy, the emotion is drained. To hear people say that there is corruption yet how to expose it is another story with the laws that exist today.

Paperwork war, the red herrings, the emotional draining pressure of studying to solve the problem we had exist the corruption and the network that where ever we had tried in business in the big world this mob had been around pushing the buttons before holding us back.

Remove the corruption with the system world wide, you will remove the deceit that exists. The interweaving when you see the company exists in 27 countries around the world.

People have asked me what will come of Kings Cross, with a smile I answer Chocolate shops, coffee shops, Flower and dress shops, you will find that the drugs are and have been killing the business in Kings Cross.

We came for the lights, the buzz of the night life and for some fun to enter our lives.

We will have the most amazing Museum in history, with the documented evidence of how we pushed through the storm, whipping and brewing the Bohemian Storm ourselves forging through to allow the bones, the ghosts to escape the brothel.

However, these ghosts, please don't leave me completely your saddnest to your life, your tragedy has rocked my life just a tad. I am strong, yet this has taken my inner strength and passion. I will always remember the night when I left the brothel, the feelings I had, the passion and knowing that the next time I enter the brothel will be allegedly for the uncovering of the remains of Juanita Nielsen and Donald Mackay.

With passion, and love Rest in Peace I wish to you both.

God, save our Queen and return Kings Cross to being Ruled by a Queen with Passion.

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