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What the police allegedly miss? In the Cross Fire

Credit: Jennifer Stone
What never is found is the truth. YOU BE THE JUDGE!

Have a look at some of the links, an Heiress is missing, MP's are shot, MP's to be are murdered yet for some of the information if the police don't notice it, or don't see it YOU BE THE JUDGE!

Email to the Prime Minister of Australia, 11 August 2012

For some of you from around the world Australia and USA have many clubs in Kings Cross and USA the same for Australia the pinnacle was The Pink PussyCat Club in Darlinghurst Road.

Our own legal system is only as good as our system and policing. In the Royal Commission 1994 Justice Woods wasn't given the full evidence and allegedly this full evidence allowed the hidden problem to exist, and murders allegedly to go unsolved.

Many of our legal laws allow the police don't or wont investigate this part of the law within the Police Integrity Commission needs to be removed. Allegedly, Detective Inspector Mark Howard in 2012 by taking the position of won't investigate has not noticed or taken the concern of real threats to murder me and my family into consideration.

Allegedly, under the laws of this country, I believe that due to this with the evidence below and many of the emails already sent to the Attorney General that the area of Kings Cross, Surry Hills and Central Police be under scrutineer.

Allegedly I will send more evidence as to association with the Police and the facts that evidence that they don't see in the first case that by seeing this evidence may uncover the alleged Hells Angels Drug Network being ruled in Australia by allegedly by ????? is under the investigation area as Detective Inspector Mark Holden LMI 1203047 TRIM: F/2012/17841 however the police at this level refused to investigate.

Further the 2.8.12 Police Integrity Commission ref: 253552/31 advised by letter that they would not investigate. On the letter it states: Further correspondence from you to the Commission will be of no benefit to you. Allan Kearney Director. Wll, it was another point that the matter could be shown to others the utmost importance however again it was stopped. WHY?

What the Royal Commission 1994 missed was that there were two Pink Pussycat Clubs one at 38A Darlinghurst Road and one at 86A Darlinghurst Road. By missing this evidence, the Royal Commission allegedly was close to locating the bodies of Juanita Nielsen and Donald Mackay at that time, yet it was evidence that was allegedly kept hidden from Justice Wood and the Royal Commission to hide the secrets allegedly of the drug running and the allegedly company behind the position of King of the Cross *The Hells Angels Ltd which allegedly Abe Saffron at that time of the alleged murders was the King of the Cross.

Read the evidence, then help me have the police and the government search a brothel? Physically I can't look however there is equipment and how much is hidden when they never reported about the two Pink Pussycat Clubs and the secret brothel. I have won awards, yet the marketing is working however the thuggery is too life threatening and the word extort, extortion well police haven't charged anyone yet? Has Kings Cross been cleaned? In my opinion NO.

Abe Saffron had two Pink Pussycat Clubs check it out 38A Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross 86A Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross.

I have found a place in Kings Cross beside 38A Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross a hidden brothel back then however this same brothel is mentioned in Where Madame Butterfly 1985-86 couldn't open in Kings Cross.

Like now, the same brothel has struggled to open ever in history.

Within the brothel, there are hidden floor area, where it is large enough for a body or two?

This brothel if you look at Steve Hardas, he went on to run many of the Clubs for Abe Saffron so the problem wasn't him it was the brothel.

I write about the history of Kings Cross and the Madame of this same brothel where I have been extorted heavily however the police wont charge these people?

The police haven't looked at the facts that by the Royal Commission one of the major points is that there were two Pink Pussycat Clubs. Remember if you have enough money you can do anything. Well Abe Saffron allegedly picked up the club and moved it, just allowing a few snap shots that tell the two clubs existed.

So why? This brothel closed? I found out by many of the working girls to hide a secret. A secret that lays on the 5th step?

If you are inside the brothel and back in the 70's it was only accessed via the fire exit and the 5th step is the level of the brothel and a area is raised with two stairs and a timber floor?

So, I have asked the police to look for the bodies that many people have come to hide in the brothel?

It's just directly opposite where Juanita Nielsen went missing in 1975 at the Carousel Club. It was closed then, allegedly Juanita Nielsen is within the brothel and a square was painted on the wall by her alleged murderer or person who knew where she was in the brothel. Then in 1977 allegedly Donald Mackay was brought back to the same resting ground just because they had the perfect spot hidden in Kings Cross and under the watchful eye forever.

This same brothel, extorted 1985-86, 2003,2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 so why wont the police just check the two areas? How much was the Royal Commission and it didn't pick up that there were two Pink Pussycat Clubs in 1994 so what else did it miss.

Allegedly, Donald Mackay, well it's possible when you think the murderer could have come from Kings Cross. It is possible that their was more than one car utilised one to Melbourne and one to Sydney decoy.

It's possible that the both of them are shot with the same gun, and Howard Twyrell who again was murdered allegedly because he found that they the mob was cleaning money and making money on fixing races. Back then the Victoria Street Development was costing heaps.

So tell me why? Why the police wont dig? They may find that it destroys the Kings Cross, the alleged drug trade allegedly through the uncovering of the company *The Hells Angels Ltd 1975 started and was after Juanita Nielsen went missing.

There were two companies, The Hells Angels Ltd and *The Hells Angels Ltd both with the connections allegedly to California main club

I don't know much, Im just a Mum and a writer of The Kings Cross Sting and researched here since 2009. However the police allegedly haven't taken me seriously it's cost me about $400,000 and my husband has had agressive cancer with it, allegedly through the worry of the threats to murder.

It's either go bust, or die? Good choice yet the police don't see the thugs that have threatened me. Well I don't do drugs and now I too write about the drug trade why? We need to expose the problems to the public because when your in Kings Cross where is the justice?

Madonna's Mob opened the brothel in 2003 after allegedly they made money out at Cabramatta where the cost Read the report Phuong NGO again mistakes in the court case all that has helped the drug industry again to explode. This same police officier today is in the field of NSW Police, is Mr NGO innocent? Well if the mistakes are right? Well this is the real cost of the drugs.. allegedly, to expand the network.

The police should see, a business that can't open when the owner is threatened with death day after day, child''s play! Yet Juanita Nielsen and Donald Mackay is one reason why I left! Please help,

I've been told if the body is within the brothel well Kings Cross will have a new face, drugs will affected!

Thank you, please HELP! Im nearly a grandmother, I have a sick husband and the police, well, I need your help. I have been asking since March 2012.....

My books The Kings Cross Sting Jennifer Stone.....a novel to help me get some help, when will they listen to me....

I am the owner, 2 awards for business, nominated in the top 10 Sydney Businesses Specialty Retail as it will be a museum is where I have been working on it, Nominated for Australian of the Year in my drug work. Jennifer Weatherstone JP NSW since 1985

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