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YOU be the JUDGE?

Credit: Jennifer Stone
What have they missed?

Judges are only shown what is brought to them?

Within Australia we have the notorious Kings Cross. I have been looking at different court cases, Royal Commissions even the drugs within Sydney and further to the world.

I pickup Phuong Ngo a Cabramatta Councillor, well read the report on Amazon, two mistakes allegedly? Well the police gave the evidence to the Crown, and the Crown produced this material without researching whether correct, now an INNOCENT man maybe in prison and has been in Prison for the last ten years. Feel bad, well I did! When I told people,they were shocked how it happened. Allegedly the information is fed through to the Crown. Dates were checked it was the evidence so allegedly the police didn't cross match a date and events and wow you can be behind bars. It's that simple.

When Australia had a Royal Commission in 1994 the evidence was brought before the court regarding a club The Pink Pussycat Club in Kings Cross.

It's just one club, however no one noticed that it had moved? By references on Bobbi Sykes shows the address as 38A Darlinghurst Road which had beside a hidden brothel. If you read about Bobbi Sykes she said no to working at the brothel. It was right next door.

Then this evidence wasn't found for the Royal Commission. People lost the memory, well that happens yet for a Royal Commission where one of the main people giving evidence was from this same brothel didn't you think that they may have noticed that it was the only brothel by itself.

The fact that they were having trouble to open the brothel, so they were allegedly paying the police for extra protection seems to be a criminal offence. However if you don't pay there is a question if you do live?

Within our legal system, there seems to be a way that evidence is sent through a process before charging people.

Without a process the action with regard to the law hasn't been formalised for the checking as items are being missed.

Well Australia isn't a third world country yet our legal system needs some sort of checking system.

Well people would declare the Police Ingregity Commission however, they have an option if they want to check they can if they don't want to check that's okay. So our legal system is flaured. Pitty that it will take us to move mountains to prove to be innocent when people don't check carefully enough, or fully aware that they could find another club. They hadn't been able to remember so they assumed.

If the police don't see the problem well who does in our demographic society.

I have noticed, that when you have some sort of problem that isn't the norm or you take on the giants in the criminal world most people walk away. Not noticing the struggle or how to pull the other side apart.

Drugs in Kings Cross seem to have the right of way in the area. It's as thou, if your a drug dealer you have clients and drugs at hand.

In the past coffee shops had been the division of drugs at the infamous Cosmopolitan Cafe. It's only a coffee shop back then with the links to criminal activity. Now it is a beautiful bohemian small bar known as KingsX Whisper.

You will find a few coffee shops yet none along the strip like the Cosmopolitan. Now for a great cup of coffee with I was told today a fantastic apple strudel yet it's just a coffee shop like Cosmopolitan, colourful, with excellent coffee and clientelle.

Well, Bill Bayeh isn't in Kings Cross anymore however we have a King of the Cross and a coffee shop on Darlinghurst Road with his business partner. It's a bar that has been on Darlinghurst Road for 50 years. It's just now that it is packed every afternoon just like the Cosmopolitian Cafe.

Kings Cross King has had in the past a link to a coffee shop now, we have a new King with a link to a coffee shop with his business partner.

What have they missed?

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By dchaitanya on August 11, 2012 at 09:50 pm

Wheather it is first, second or third world nations, the present judicial systems and the laws and the trial process, prevalent over the world have become outdated in view of the complex problems associated with the carimes, criminal investigation and the judicial process. The the delivery of justice basing itself on the written codes would do least justice, instead of basing itself on the ground realities, facts and delivery of justice uninfluenced by nepotism, political interference, personal passions and likes and dislikes of judges.

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By dchaitanya on August 11, 2012 at 09:52 pm

Delivery of justice uninfluenced by nepotism, political interference, personal passions and likes and dislikes of judges could only do justice to public.

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By Jennifer Stone on August 11, 2012 at 10:19 pm

Your so right, the Judical system has collapsed and failed us all. The judical system is only as good as the police that inforce, if the police take drugs well we have a culture that wont work at stopping the war that has affected many including me.

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