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The Kings Cross Sting....NEEDS YOUR HELP!

by Jennifer Stone (writer), Australia, August 08, 2012

Secrets, puzzles, murders, unsolved crimes are just part of the The Kings Cross Sting Series.

Having an interview today with a person who lived the life Underbelly, on the ground when he could remember the shake up in Kings Cross. The interview was just an opening line I was asked. So what do you know about Kings Cross and murders.

Not my murder I said with a snap. Well, I wasn't looking to find bodies or to have people describe ghosts to me. It was one piece of the puzzle after another. One piece that linked to another, then it was the timeline sorting through the history what was relevant and what was not. What seemed to fit the relevance of the situation and many of the problems I was experiencing I never thought was going to be part of a ongoing series nor a passion that I like.

Well it's so absorbing searching for the links in the puzzle and the murders going back in history and seeing history in the USA that relates to Sydney Australia and then around the world in 27 countries and it's a massive web that moves the drug trade.

I am not a junkie nor had anything to do with drugs except to help people who had a problem. Looking for a solution and when you think some of the most amazing things in history have been when some one is solving a problem.

To have clues like I had to solve the puzzle, not just once in a blue moon. Day after day they came in the door of the brothel whilst I was putting the research together for the museum that will link much of this network together.

It's not all about drugs, however it's about the people that have faced Kings Cross and the mafia we have had here with pride and gusto something that over the years was around in the 70's and now well, most people run away thinking about themselves. Not about the problem that is left behind. Royal Commissions have tried to fix the problems, yet they still exist by the problems that I have seen and faced on Kings Cross.

Yet my books are novels, however I have taken threads of the history to twist and turn within the novels. Some of the evidenc and timelines are important to show that problems still exist. It's not impossible to solve the problems, yet it will probably take a Royal Commission.

Never mine, life is just a speed bump and it's great when the problem is solved for good well, at least for a while.

There are a few ways the government can look at the timelines in history and the problems that exist today, they can say well we haven't fixed it yet, and the information coming on the email is getting the drug busts yet we haven't cracked the network.

It's important to see that the problems what ever it is can be fixed.

It's just like a company with a lazy person, the fact is it's fixable and Kings Cross is a fantastic place. We may have started Kings Cross back in the 1920's on the cocaine through the brothel houses yet it will change so drugs are not available within brothels. I am sure I will live to see that day and to solve the problem about a lady and a gentleman that want to lay their bones to rest. Kings Cross Currency, murders, hidden secrets and drug dealers around town, well they will be a thing of the past.

Come visit the Queens of the cross. That was the past and now, long live the Queens of the X.

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