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Planet Inspired: India, The New Frontier

The fourth-largest economy in the world, it could soon surpass China

Finmeccanica has been present for some time in India, especially in the transport sector for which significant investments for metro lines and railways are planned. Energy is another challenge to be overcome for sustainable growth.

Among developing countries, India is one of the most favored by foreign businessmen: along with the advantage of having qualified, low-cost manpower (with a widespread knowledge of English), there is also a solid institutional-bureaucratic system that favors investments and the presence of a solid banking and finance structure.

Unlike China, the Indian system is based mainly on technological capability, qualified work and the excellence of its universities. One must bear in mind that India's current population is more than 1.1 billion people and growth rates will bring its population to that of China by 2030.

The fourth-largest economy in the world by GDP adjusted for purchasing power parity, it is one of the few powers that has maintained a growth rate - for more than 20 years - constantly above 6 %. India is a large market for exports, but above all a great country for undertaking productive investments.

Finmeccanica has for some time undertaken a specific strategy for entering the Indian market with its own expertise, products and systems. The Group offices in New Delhi are a clear sign of the growing focus towards the country, aimed at achieving the decisive qualitative leap in relations with local contacts, leading to the creation of partnerships and joint ventures with national players.

In the civil helicopter sector, all of the current range of AgustaWestland's commercial products, the AW119, AW109 Power, Grand and AW139, have achieved significant success in India over the past five years, with orders for more than 30 units. The principal operating uses of the latter models include VIP/corporate transport, medical evacuation and offshore transport.

In the rail transport sector, Ansaldo STS plays a very important role in the country, where it has more than 60% of the railway signaling market. One year ago, the company signed its first contract in the metropolitan segment for the signaling and control of Kolkata metro. The large investment by India in infrastructure could lead to several additional contracts. There are numerous opportunities that are being pursued, both for signaling alone and for transport systems for the metro.

Moreover, the Indian Railway system is huge, a legacy from British rule. Trains are still the main means of transport in India. The Indian Railways are planning significant investments for freight and high-speed lines and for the implementation of safety technology such as the train protection warning system on the main lines in the country. Ansaldo STS is therefore present in India with more than 200 employees, with its headquarters in Bangalore.

The Finmeccanica Group's penetration of the Indian market is particularly interesting. It has become a fundamental point of reference for all Group companies targeting India.
Strong Economic growth makes India one of the largest consumers of primary energy resources in the world. Energy consumption in India more than doubled from 1990 to 2010. In fact, the government's objective is to satisfy the vast civil and industrial energy demand with development plans aimed at diversifying energy sources and increasing renewables, also for overcoming the serious lack of electricity generation which serves only 55% of the population.

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