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Tolerance and Education: Why we need it?

by wolviela (writer), Los Angeles, August 06, 2012

Credit: J Budissin
The Original Sikh Temple in India

Thoughts on why this country is taking a down hill turn and becoming more violent.

What is happening to this country that people from all over the world come to see a better life? Why has this country become so violent ridden, the violence that causes many innocent lives to be lost?

In the wake of the Sikh Temple shootings, the Aurora shootings, and sadly any more to come is that this country has become so lax. It's astounding that a country which prides itself on being a melting pot, there are very few that take the time to get to know those other cultures that make up that pot. We have become a country of have and have nots, get it while you can, jealousy of those who come from other countries whose work ethic is much better than ours that make it.

This country has become so ignorant and religious based that we fail to stop and remember why the first immigrants came here. Do you really know why?

Our education system needs a complete overall and we need to see more people of the rainbow running those classes. Sure there is a set agenda, but how about we set that agenda to include tolerance not just of other cultures, but of other religions and tolerance of all. But it also starts at home. Those of us who have children, especially young ones should impress upon them that people are created equal, and the differences that are there, are good.

I’m half Filipina, half Caucasian and I’m aware that I look Hispanic. My boyfriend is East Indian, Sindhi to be exact. Those of you curious to look that up will find that Sindhi’s come from the region of Sindh which is located in Pakistan. The thought process… oh must be Muslim. Actually no, he is Sindhu, which follows the close religious practices of the Sikh and services are held in a Gurdwara. His little one is half African American. After visiting her mother and her family, we had a child telling us that Jesus is the best and there is only one God and all other religions are crap. This is a 5 year old. We should not have to do damage control at 5.

Where is the government in all this? I also place blame on the Military who also fail to educate their young enlisted on the difference in cultures and nuisances of the Eastern culture or non-American cultures in general. They are taught to kill the enemy, but really do they define that?

I blame the gun industry on putting profit before safety. Our 2nd ammendent allow us to bear arms, but really.....

Why haven’t the mental institutions re-opened so that these people can get the help they need before they go “off”?

Everything seems to be getting cut but their (politicians) wallets, regardless if they are democrats, or republicans.

I’m sure I’ve ruffled some feathers, but I do know that most of the readers here aren’t ignorant and appreciate articles like this.

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By Jeff Weisinger on August 07, 2012 at 12:47 am

loved it. Great, and MUCH NEEDED piece.

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