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Avarice Leads to Sorowness- Lessons from Herguan University

Thousands of students of under-developed countries are being pumped into America without having proper credentials - both to the students and to the Universities where they are getting admitted.

There is an adage in ‘Telugu’ language in South India, “duraasey dukkhamunaku cheytu” that means AVARICE LEADS TO SORROWNESS. Probably this is applicable to thousands of students from the under developed countries who are being pumped into United States for studies and majority of them without having proper credentials-both to students and to Universities where they are getting admitted. Their intention is to enter into United States either by hook or crook. The ongoing incidents that are happening in Tri-Vally University and Herguan Universities located in California are the best examples, for this kind of deplorable state of affairs.

If the students from underdeveloped nations have proper academic and financial credentials they would not choose such universities/institutions without verifying their creditials at first, from the advisers of American Consulates located in their respective countries. If they have not done so at first instance means, they are aware that if they want to enter into United States in a legitimate way they can not do so, without resorting to some other deviant methods by taking help of some trickish agents or improper methods by choosing unaccredited or unrecognized institutions that offer I-20 forms to students, and some corrupt American officials working in the American Consulates in underdeveloped nations, issuing visas to such students with the recommendations of Visa brokers or corrupt people in such nations.

For the nationals of under developed countries, living in America is a ‘prestige’ for them among their community and neighboring circles. That is the reason most of the F-1 and H1-B applicants to America hails from under developed nations, where living standards are poor without proper sanitation to majority population and corruption dominating their political and social lives combined with high degree of inefficiency in bureaucracy that are the reasons for their perpetual underdeveloped life-styles. To escape from such under developed socio-political conditions, they prefer to enter into United States in the guise of education and there after to acquire employment. In these efforts those who ever can not possibly enter into United States in a proper way, choose the illegal methods to get American visas and choose unrecognized institutions, to step into America.

The young genuinely non-meritorious students of these nations soon after completion of their B.Tec or MCA/MBA degrees badly convince their parents to go to United States by citing the examples of life styles of other students of their respective nations living in America and obtain money from the parents by mortgaging selling their gold or other immovable properties to pay to educational or employment brokers (body shoppers) who assure them to land them into U.S. first, with F-1 visas by obtaining I-20 forms from unrecognized Universities/Instututions and show them “heaven in the palm” by saying that prolonged stay for five or more years with F-1 visa extension would lead to getting a Green Card to settle down in America. The innocent parents of under developed nations feel proud of their children going to U.S for studies thinking their children would earn big money in U.S. to make their life luxurious in their respective countries.

In this process, right from the beginning several parents of students of the under-developed nations simply worry whether their sons and daughters could obtain an F-1 or H1-B visa or not. They do not bother about the credentials of the Institutions existing there. Their sole ambition and eagerness is, just to enter into America by resorting to any method. After entering into U.S. the unauthorized institutions resort to illegal methods for acquiring student immigration status to authorize them to work illegally to remain in U.S. But when the scene gets reversed with the raidings of U.S.Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials on these institutions, the media and parents of underdeveloped nations blames the American unrecognised institutions, instead of repenting for their avarice to enter into the United States by resorting to deviant methods. They never confess their academic and financial draw backs, when they were questioned by the U.S.officials, why they choose such Universities/Institutions by resorting to corrupt methods.

So, atleast from now onwards the students and their parents should not go to false prestige with avarice and ignorance while assessing the credibilities of the institutions where they are joining and must verify with concerned authorities in U.S. consulates in their respective nations before hand, to avoid wastage of their money and time. By dchaitanya

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