Saturday, December 15, 2018

Have you got money in your roof? Well I don't!

Allegedly there is $12 billion in a year going through our black markets. VICE, the theory when some one say, Take Your Vice Over is just another way of saying that this criminal activity is legal?

GDP.....How the economy of all countries is affected by the black market.

Within Australia we have allegedly a $12 billion a year black market which affects our economy and trading with other countries.

Much of the drug users and drug dealers allegedly are being supported for a habit on the unemployment and sickness benefits. Some allegedly single mothers working within the sex industry allegedly will be dealing drugs and making money.

Does it sound right? VICE, Take Your Vice Over is the new slogan we will hear, yet it has been around for a while where illegal activity has happened or occured. Vice, isn't not legal for some like extortion, drugs, standover tactics yet it happens and sadly many are hurt by it every day of the year.

Well, within Australia people are found with money in the roof? This money within the roof affects the economy of the country. It allegedly affects the standing of the country where the money in roofs is taken out of the economy. Allegedly How many drug dealers do we have doing this all around the world

Allegedly how many people are putting money in roof's of houses from extortion and other types of vice?

Allegedly by this money taken out of the economy is affecting all of us around the world. It takes the money out of the economy, how the countries are supporting this missing money within the economies is actually affecting the countries and lives of many people.

How much is in roofs or hidden under floors. How much is moved within the drug industry world wide?

Allegedly it is not just Australia has a problem, we have a problem globablly. Within history the drug industry has kept countries or states afloat when other dynamic down turns have occurrred.

I drive a mercedes in Australia yet, in some countries of the world it is the common car. It's just not as dear as it is in Australia or the majority of people can afford one.

It's like the drugs $16000 US for a kilo of Cocaine and worth landed in Australia $200,000.00 to $250,000.00 no wonder Australia is noticed by the cartels and the drug barons around the world. Then this kilo can be jumped with a product to make more than 30 kilo's and we then are talking millions of dollars worth of the product today.

The drug market in Australia for many of the alleged drug barons is the most exclusive and expensive market anywhere in the world.

So next time, you hear about a drug dealer allegedly think about the money in the roof or under the floor that his hurting the economy, without the money in circulation we all feel it.

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