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Illegal Aliens Are Illegal Aliens, Period, Part II

by D. E. Carson (writer), , May 02, 2007

With today being the first of May, illegal aliens are taking to the streets today in places like New Mexico City (AKA: Los Angeles) to demand rights to which they are not entitled. I am not going to let go of this subject, if you are not in the United States legally, you are a criminal and you need to go to jail for violation of US immigration laws and then you need to be shipped back to whatever country from which you launched your invasion.

What really makes me angry about this particular subject is the use of the term “Illegal immigrant”. Euphemisms are words that the far radical left scumbags use to hide the truth. They think, erroneously, that by changing the name of the problem, they will somehow make the problem go away. The term “illegal immigration” is a far radical left scumbag term for “illegal alien” and the far left scumbags like George Soros are too stupid to realize they are cutting their own throats for the sake of “open borders.”

Nobody right of people like Soros wants to stop ALL immigration. We all know that America was built by immigrants and we are not trying to deny anyone from anywhere in the world the opportunity to come here and build a better life. BUT we are saying that there are legal and proper ways to go about coming to America and people who haven’t followed those rules are criminals. They are as much criminals as anyone holding up a bank with a gun or raiding corporate pension funds for personal benefit.

To that end, it is necessary for the United States to actually build the wall between the United States and Mexico that has been proposed. Like it or not, the bulk of the illegal aliens in the United States are coming across the US/Mexico border – that is not saying they are all Mexicans (even though the majority of the illegal aliens in the US are from Mexico), but security along the US/Mexico border is the worst in the world. To stop this invasion there has to be a two-fold solution. Build the wall to slow the invasion, then crack down on the benefits of being in the US so that illegal aliens won’t want to come here anymore. As I said in my previous Illegal Alien article, illegal aliens have no rights because they are not US citizens. The most interesting aspect of today being the day the illegal aliens plan to march is they are presenting themselves out in the open. So, what better time to round up all of the illegal aliens, put them on a bus and haul them off. Of course, the whining liberals cry, “but you’re breaking up families.” Okay, round up the families and ship them back too. Problem solved.

The United States also needs to crack down on organizations, like Humane Borders, that leave provisions (water, food, blankets and maps showing the best places to sneak into the country without getting caught) in the middle of the US desert to people who are sneaking into the country. This is aiding and abetting a criminal act and these organizations need to be busted and penalized for helping felons break the law. Nevermind that in September 2005, Humane Borders received $25,000 in US taxpayer funds from the city of Pima, Arizona to erect water tanks from which illegal aliens can obtain water while crossing the desert. Humane Borders has reported that vandals are dumping, vandalizing and shooting these tanks – an indication that Americans are becoming fed up with the illegal alien problem[1].

After having visited the Humane Borders website (figure it out for yourself), I have determined that this is an organization deeply misguided by a faulty sense of compassion. They are encouraging illegal aliens to cut through the desert by providing water at “strategically placed water stations” along the way. The maps provided detail where and when US Border Patrol agents will be and where the water can be found. A bleeding heart commentary posted on their website was titled “Deaths in Arizona Could Have Been Avoided”. This article was supposed to motivate Americans to place these water stations. The article, written June 1, 2001, details how on March 27, 2001, Humane Borders petitioned the US Department of Fish and Wildlife to install these water stations in the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge located east of Yuma, AZ. The DFW refused the permit on April 8 and on May 23, the bodies of 14 illegal aliens were found in the middle of Cabeza Prieta. As a result, Rev. Robin Hoover, a founder of Humane Borders sought to place the blame for the deaths of these criminals squarely on the shoulders of the DFW[2].

How is this the DFW’s fault? Just because they refused to put water stations in the desert so they could aid and abet criminal behavior? The greatest atrocity is when bleeding heart liberal scumbags strong-arm the Federal Government into breaking its own laws. The Federal Government breaks its own laws well enough on its own without the help of a bunch of stupid scumbags sympathetic to criminals (I know, I know, I just gave a perfect description of the ACLU as well, but this article isn’t about them – the ACLU is an article unto itself).

It is not hard for me to take the “I Don’t Care” stance in terms of shipping illegal aliens back to their country of origin and not setting out provisions in the desert. I have no sympathy for criminals. I do not suffer fools or stupid people well and have no qualms about telling either one where to go and how to get there. America is being invaded without a shot being fired. Too many Americans allow stupid fools like George Soros, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Charles Gibson, Rosie O’Donnell, Bill Mahr, Edward Kennedy, Harry Reid, John Murtha, Shrillary Rotten Clinton, John Kerry, John Edwards, Howard Dean, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to tell them what to think. This was how Hitler won over Germany so easily – he told the people what he wanted them to hear and because his message told them what they wanted to hear, no one ever bothered to question him. It is time for Americans to stop drinking the Kool-Aid. When Americans actually research for themselves, they will see that both Democrats and Republicans have lied to them since Roosevelt (Franklin, not Teddy – Teddy was smart, Franklin was an idiot) and that they have been sold a worthless bill of goods. Protection of America is EVERY American’s responsibility and the freedoms we possess require vigilance and action to ensure they remain ours. Apathy leads to slavery. Guess where we’re headed…

To all illegal aliens: “Get Legal or GET OUT!”

[1] Digger, (n.d.), Illegal Alien Supporter’s Water Tanks In Desert Emptied, Digger’s Realm. Retrieved May 1, 2007, from

[2] Treat, J. (2001), Borderlines, Activists: Death in Arizona Desert Could Have Been Avoided. International Relations Center.

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3 comments on Illegal Aliens Are Illegal Aliens, Period, Part II

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By Dr. Traci Vujicich on May 02, 2007 at 10:08 am
Bravo! Well written, well researched, and right on point. Excellent writing, D.E.
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By Jen on May 02, 2007 at 05:45 pm
Nice. Well written, and I agree with you on at least one point. Calling an "illegal alien" an "illegal immigrant" is as mis-leading as calling an "intact dilation and extraction" a "partial birth abortion". Guess that sword cuts both ways.
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By D. E. Carson on May 03, 2007 at 08:14 pm
Shrillary Rotten Clinton is a woman?
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