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Nigeria Scam

Credit: Jennifer Stone
How the drug network utilises the alleged Nigeria Scam

Heroin that comes from Nigeria, as I have been told the pink heroin is the best. Well, then this seems to be a way that the money is moved allegedly I will say for the trafficking of drugs.

Nigeria Scams have happened for years, yes. However most of us haven't associated with people that have stalked that person, know that person in the other country.

Organised criminal gangs work from country to country jointly on the same venture for the drug market which inturn changes to MONEY!

Nigeria Scam in the experience I have had, looks like it is an alleged United Nations funding. Which is very wrong from such a criminal gang.

They utilised a state in the USA where the gang is not recognized in that state of the USA as a gang however it is the same gang allegedly that has extorted and held me in fear for my life over the last 18 months.

You will have them join you on facebook, well either join you or chat to you. You will have a person in your friends list that is a trusted person in the community as the first contact. This person, is normally a facebook account now made up to look like your friend.

They pressure you in that this funding is honest. Then they pressure you into seeing normally a person that they refer to as a person from the United Nations. Allegedly in my case it was a person impersonating someone that holds much respect in the USA.

I was told about my honesty, I was pushed for the money. They were pushing that this was a way to get rid of my debts. Well my debts have come about through a organised criminal mob in Kings Cross. Both of the facebook accounts allegedly will link to an address in Spring Hill Florida. Allegedly Mr B who contacted is utilising his real name. Therefore he isn't impersonating a person, he allegedly is Mr Bob B.

Allegedly Mr Bob B, sent text messages all from the USA, over two phone numbers. Allegedly He hacked my facebook account as it was shown within facebook from Spring Hill USA. The money was first asked for by an amount of $1200.00 aus to an alleged person in OHIO. You then don't think of the Nigeria Scam do you.

Mr Bob B would ask again for money, still allegedly looking like a person of trust in USA with the same name. This next amount of money would be asked for Insurance, Road Tax, Security, get allegedly $210000.00. Yet, most people don't get the image on the map where this person is that is organising the Nigeria Scam. Allegedly he is a member or with contact with the criminal organisation gang that hides behind another gang, the gang that pushes the drugs.

Allegedly the address and name I had in Nigeria was made out to be associated with USA. Allegedly, the money was picked up by two people ID should be available to these people to pick up the funds.

Allegedly under this scam, it pays for the heroin crop to be sent to the country I will believe is Australia. No links to any organised criminal gang for the payment of this drug heroin. The extortion I have had in Australia, Sydney is from an organised criminal gang which declare themselves bikies yet they ride no bikes.

The Nigeria Scam, well the money in my case was transferred through Western Union in small amounts. I was told to go to different Western Union branches in Sydney. I was told even the Western Union branches to go too.

I took it as the money going allegedly into Nigeria was being paid to United Nations as these names seemed to come up in the Huffington Post the same week as it happened. The names were similar, and the newspaper is available on the internet. In Australia allegedly I have been watched and stalked by a mastermind of the criminal world, however most people wouldn't think it could be a lady. Allegedly this lady, gets on her facebook Huffington Post Newspaper, the names were there.

Nigeria Scam, is allegedly, paying for the drugs from someone from Australia for the drugs to return to Australia. All the links would go back to help frame that person. Allegedly this same organised criminal gang has been trying to frame me for the drugs, yet I am a straighty 180. I don't use, nor sell the drugs. I was horrified as what happened with USA respected person, who I believe will be just as horrified at the whole events.

I searched the internet for leads, a touch hard when the police in both the USA and Australia were looking for the same person, and wondering why.

History of the Nigerian Scams

Nigerian scams (also called Nigerian 419 scams), are a type of advance fee fraud and one of the most common types of confidence frauds in which the victim is defrauded for monetary gain.

There are many variations on this type of scam, including advance fee fraud, Nigerian Letter Fifo's Fraud, Spanish Prisoner Scam, black money scam, or Detroit/Buffalo scam. The number "419" refers to the article of the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with fraud.[1] The scam has been used with fax and traditional mail, and is now used with the internet and facebook.

While the scam is not limited to Nigeria, the nation has become associated with this fraud and it has earned an unenviable reputation for being an epicenter of email scam crimes. In fact, the top three nations of origin of these scams are theUnited States, the United Kingdom, and Nigeria (in that order). Other nations known to have a high incidence of advance fee fraud include Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Spain.

Over the years, it seems by the report that they haven't associated the fraud with the drug network around the world.

The drugs allegedly in all the major countries are connected allegedly with an agreement. This agreement has been down in Australia since 1975 or may before I will believe. The drugs importing into Australia, well if they get caught the organised criminal gang. This organised criminal gang I believe is the same gang that runs drugs all over the world.

The money never turned up and again this same person from the USA, asked again for money. I explained that there was no money. Well, I reported the information to the police with as much information as possible.

However, it is a way that this gangs allegedly have been buying drugs to be shipped to countries without the links going back to the gang by the movement of money.

The heroin that comes from Nigeria, pink if you utilise drugs as I have been told the pink is the best. Well, then this seems to be a way that the money is moved allegedly I will say for the trafficking of drugs throughout the world.

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