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Criminal gangs are holding innocent people to ransom

Extortion, threats to murder, stalk, intimidate YOU into their hands under Child's play where the law doesn't protect YOU. StandUP and be counted.

Gangs, have in the past been in control of situation utilising the network to hide behind. When you run to the police when this happens. It's the normal place to go for the honest people. Yet, this criminal gang that lurks in the dark holes of our society is not open, or honest. With a huge network weaved within the criminals and the people most of us will run to for help.

The drugs are pouring into all our countries around the world with it Globally illegal, yet it hits the news every night somewhere in the World. We have Global issues regarding the drugs running within the world, do we call it as a vice, like alcohol or nicotine or do we allow it into our society under the restrictions of the governments of the world.

Many of you will know I write The Kings Cross Stiing series of books which relate to the Sydney Drug market however in the last week the links will astound you where they go all over the world.

My email list of the day to day informaton is the who's who of the world to combat this drug network. Yet we have a problem as the drugs are costing not just one country however many countries in the world with heavy bills thru fighting the war on drugs.

Within Sydney our major problem is Ice, however this drug is different to drugs like Heroin where it provides funds to countries where poverty is a problem like in Nigeria where Opium poppies are grown.

The drugs that are running through out the world do so in a manner nearly like a business, they will have a network and systems, these systems will rotate from one to another to not get caught. The power of the people that watch these groups and notice the connections is far and few between yet the robberies, the murders are nearly on a daily basis around the world to protect this drug empire.

In Australia we have a King of the Cross, a King of a valuable asset? The valuable asset? Well people don't tallk about this asset, allegedly they talk about the assets that are the benefits of drug running or the owner of a illegal network.

How the government of Australia has allowed this probably disgusted me when I realised, I looked up what a King was.

The power of the press and newspapers, has been created in the past by go getters in the industry however now we find that the newspapers have controlls, answerable to the governments in the countries which they exist. This has hindered the fight on drugs around the world. How? The freedom of the press was where people turned too now, the newspaper and the reporters follow the police. If the police are missing any thing years ago the journalists may have noticed.

The power of the press, I keep writing for the people so they see where the problems exist in one country. If we pick up the network in one country it may without much manipulation be the same in other countries around the world.

Drugs, were forced upon me. My coffee was spiked with drugs, the water in the kettle was spiked. However I wasn't offered the drugs they were forced upon me so I became one of them, so I would go along with the drug running and the terrible problems. The drug running in my research has been hidden behind straight business people, the alleged gangs manipulate their way around the straight person who are unaware of the drug running around them.

What the governments of the countries are missing is that this person who is at the front of a business is unaware will go to the authorities which is where the problems start the drug barons, runners clude to tell similar stories which helps them be allowed to keep doing this illegal behaviour through the way our law works.

We all expect people to be honest, yet what is honesty today something that seems extremely hard to find. A rare gem, a person like me maybe that declares themselves one in a billion. Well, I am the Madame at Kings Cross. Kings Cross has been run by a lady before Madame Tilly Devine

Mum’s back, Madame of Kings Cross and she's not happy.

What the bloody hell’s been going on while I've been gone? Kings Cross has gone to the dogs! It’s being run by no hopers and big babies who couldn't even organise a root in a brothel!

So Mum’s decided she's stepping back into the action and showing these imbeciles how to run business properly.

Whilst in the hideout, I got tipped off – there’s been some bloody good snowfall lately (nudge nudge sniff sniff) for those who enjoy skiing. Madame X has some new associates in the line against corruptiion, extortion and murder. Cheers!
Yes – I'm basing meself back at the Kings Cross World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers with some new tricks up my sleeve. More fun than ever is to be had me Dearies; shindigs, shivoos and shenanigans.

The Kings Cross Sting is happening, the Bohemian Storm is brewing and the tornado is coming. Hang on to your hats, buckle down the hatches, Kings Cross.

Kings Cross is going to be ruled by the Madame X the Queen of the X like back in Madame Tilly Devine's day.

Long live the Queen........

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By dchaitanya on August 01, 2012 at 04:22 am

human rights organisations are the biggest obstacles to the law enforcement agences to wipe out the criminal gangs, it be drug mafia or professional killers

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By Jennifer Stone on August 01, 2012 at 06:09 am

Thanks for the idea, now I have emailed the Human Rights authority within Australia. Thank you for the feedback and ideas.

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