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Believe, to believe in yourself? If you don't who will!

Credit: Jennifer Stone
Believe in your self, Act and Grow Rich.....if you don't believe who will?

Fast track the work load, achieve more during your day and start each day with a goal, a dream and a smile. Life is good when you look at it upside down.

Have you held yourself back without really knowing?

Is your body language saying one thing and your words saying another?

Have you thought why your life is just not happening?

Are you terrified of your dreams if you could complete them?

Many people have huge dreams, never realising that they can make it. Never thinking more than once at the fact that if they knocked again on the door that wouldn't answer or Get out and talk on how to fix the problem then more would happen in their lives.

Have you thought, you'd like to be a millionaire?

How to achieve it?

Where to start?

What to do to make this happen?

Did you once think you could really, and truly do it?

Were you confident? Or did you bend at the knees and never think it could happen?

Questions that need answers before we move on in life.

How many of you want to be an entrepreneur?

Normal answer, everyone will put a hand up. It's only the ones that achieve it on their own are the 4% of people to achieve a goal.

Ever thought you could do it? Open a door in your mind and unlock the safe that holds the vault locked?

When we feel from our heart that the dream is possible then it is! It's just your level of persistence. It's your thoughts and dreams that will surprise you just like they surprise me to achieve the unachieveable.

Every thing is achievable we just have to open the door ask the question and then find the solution.

We need the solution to our problem? Ever thought, how to become wealthy was finding the solution. It could be a way to move from one area of your life to another. Your positivity will shine through, it makes the world of difference.

If you have a smile, a thank you, your welcome along the way. Yet is this the magic as they say to becoming and fulfilling your dreams. Some of you will write your dreams, others will picture your dreams and for many a dream is just that never thought achievable, never thought it was possible so they never tried.

For some people they never think to care, it could be a friend or relative or child yet they shatter the dream without really thinking. It's the word CARE that is missing in so many people's lives.

So give it a go, write down I want to be a millionaire.

Write it again with some commitment.

Then say it aloud. Then say it every day I will work towards my goals, my dreams my visions for the future

I will Succeed. I am given the key to all my problems, so I can open the vault to the dreams which are my solution.

A miracle does happen, you just have to believe.

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Jennifer Stone is a writer for BrooWaha. For more information, visit the writer's website.
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By Jurata88 on June 26, 2014 at 05:15 am

That is so awesome karma dla kota

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