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What does the Coliseum in Rome built in 75 A.D. have to do with the business networking that we do today, in the year 2012? Easy, it's all about building strong relationships with partners.

Owner and Founder of Alex Mandossian emphasized the importance of a Networking Wall in the integration of the website’s ‘Family-Centered’ goals.

In his visit to Rome, Mandossian had seen the similarities among the historical infrastructure of the city towards the goals of his website. In his short instructional video shot in Rome, Mandossian emphasized and compared the Roman Coliseum to one of his website’s feature.

As a historical architecture, the Roman Coliseum was built about 2,000 years ago, grueling different means of destruction and adversaries. But nowadays, as it continue to stand tall in its birth land, Mandossian got to relate the structure and the strength of this colossal infrastructure to his website’s Networking Wall.

Just like the Roman Coliseum,’s Networking Wall serves as a stronghold in building relationships among its members. With the amphitheater at the Coliseum’s epicenter, online activities and other related interactions will be revolving on the website’s epicenter – the family. And as its strong walls, the Networking Walls will be an elliptical structure that will protect the relationship and idealisms of the members.“We have our own Coliseum”, Mandossian stated emphasizing his websites opportune feature. On the other hand, he also presented three important things that the Networking Wall does to build stronger walls among the website’s members.

Mandossian said that Networking Wall is where members share what they do, what are their interests and what makes their day. It is the page where members interact on their insights, hobbies or even anything whether it be business related or personal conversations. “What’s interesting is what you do because you will not be interesting unless people are interested in you”, Mandossian added.

Secondly, Mandossian emphasized that the reason behind their membership will also be discussed in this page. It is important for to know why members chose the website to be part of it. He added that through this, the community may know if the member is a family-centered entrepreneur and also the kind of family he or she is connected just like a blood-family, business family or even civic family.

Most importantly, Mandossian said that it is in the Networking Wall where members get to share their ideal prospect. In this manner, it would be easier for them to get people that can do networking with them. Mandossian’s idealism about building a stronger wall among its members is a definite step to make the internet marketing more progressive and developmental. It is family integration that makes a unique step for interested family-centered entrepreneurs.

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