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First Athlete without Citizenship to be in Olympics

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Guor Marial to compete in London Olypmics under Olympic Flag

The BBC reports that the the IOC will for the first time ever permit an athlete without a passport to compete under the Olympic Flag

@BBCAfrica tweeted: The IOC says it will allow a marathon runner -- born in #SouthSudan but with no passport -- to compete under the #Olympic flag.

Guor Marial, a marathon runner, will take part in the Olympic Games as an "independent" athlete. This is an Olympic Games' first. Marial will compete under the Olympic flag, reports the the Telegraph.

The International Olympic Committee made an exception for Marial. The gifted athlete was born in South Sudan and fled to the US during his countires' civil war reports Reuters.

Marial is an elite martahon runner however while the Arizona resident does have a green card he is not legible for the US Olympic team because he is not a U.S. citizen. Sudan did offer Marial a spot on their team however Marial declined the spot saying, "At this level, as an athlete, I don't just represent my family, but the whole of South Sudan. It's a very heavy responsibility to carry. It's very important for me to make the right decision."

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