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Chris Farrell Presents a New Definition of a Membership Site

Alex Mondossian interviews membership site expert Chris Farrell. Chris’ strategic consultation was instrumental in the building and launch of then Marketing Online community.

Website millionaire Chris Farrell introduced a whole new meaning and importance on Membership Sites in a micro-teleseminar at the with the website’s founder Alex Mandossian. As Mandossian’s adviser in reaching his success in Internet Marketing, Farrell explained why Membership Sites are important and presented details in understanding the process more.

In his statement, Farrell defined Membership Sites as a community of like minded people that focus on a cause or topic that they believed in. Thus, it only tells that when engaging to such websites, members must relate to each other and has a common goal to make operations and transactions successful.He added that Membership Sites is about having a heart or having a presence online and further explained that the actual logistics of this process is that it’s a website where most of the content is behind a password-protected area.

“To access this information, your customers will pay you a monthly fee that will re-bill every month”, Farrell said regarding the process of engaging into Membership sites. The process is really easy as long as interested individuals must think as an online marketer and membership owner for people to quickly earn four figures every month by having their own Membership Sites.

He also emphasized that having a Membership Site means having a passive income, which means having this kind of site is like getting the expected money you desired with very less effort required. On the other hand, to further clarify, Farrell stated that it’s not a website that has a product launch where people up-sell and cross-sell or even re-sell. This process according to him makes the owner an unwelcome guest in a form of email or mobile texting.

“Membership Sites are where you pay for membership and the products are received for free”, Farrell said leaving a guideline that Membership Sites is not about constantly selling something new to the people’s list; instead it is one way of putting people in Membership Sites. With this, members will be gratified knowing that new contents are continually added. Negatively, most people hit up their list to purchase things weekly or monthly leaving them with dissatisfaction and have their transactions unsuccessful.

Supporting, Farrell encourages aspiring members to involve themselves and learn more with the features that the website offers especially with its family-centered goals.

“I believe the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships and the quality of our relationships is determined by the clarity of our communications”, Mandossian said as a support to his website. He also introduced membership choices of varying from Gold, Platinum to Diamond. The website also has a 1 week trial membership to prove to aspiring members that choosing the website is the most intelligent decision for their business, family and even for the legacy of their lives.

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