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Personal Statement Writing & Teacher Train-Drain

by allisonharvard (writer), , July 20, 2012

For students thinking that they are alone in this battle, they are clearly deceived. Educators too are having trouble regarding the dropping number of teachers. Indeed, there is more troubling news.

Scribbling your map of future, you may realize that you’re gawking too far and neglecting the present dilemma you’re in – personal statement writing. Indeed, the task may be too overwhelming that you’d wish you’re in another century or some planet. Yet, here you are, about to enter college or universities, with this task in mind.

For students thinking that they are alone in this battle, they are clearly deceived. Educators too are having trouble regarding the dropping number of teachers. Indeed, there is more troubling news than personal statement writing.

The Event

Figures had pointed to the declining number of students applying for teacher training for both primary and secondary sources. These figures are specifically hitting chemistry, physics, math, English, and modern foreign languages (i.e., German and Spanish). This evidently sounds like an alarm bell’s going to ring for quite a while.

This doesn’t just threaten the ideal pool of teaching professionals; it also smacks down to the quality of education students ought to receive in the future. The worst case scenario here is to picture a scene: the education sector and Government ‘loosening’ their standards to accommodate whoever is available, regardless of qualifications.

The Identified Cause

The appointed culprit of these collapsing figures is the vulnerability of the education sector. First, there is to watch the amount of students actually getting in school for the education. Rising costs and alternative avenues, such as online classes, vocational courses, or work, are competitively buying their way against traditional institutions. Another factor is the uncertainty built by agonizingly waiting for the Government’s action for this train-drain.

Government Response

If there is any person or entity worthy of giving this teacher train-drain a great affective shove it is the Government. And in response, it has established the rising stakes poured on training bursaries for top graduates, particularly, those who chose to be trained in areas hit by the lowering numbers. Additionally, Government has furthered its expansion of ‘school-led teacher training’ of which student attraction sits on salary.

The Verdict

In sum, while personal statement writing bugs your school entry, events may possibly enable you to rethink your career future. In case you have the inclination to teach, what course would you teach? Look at those subjects affected by the declining figures; is your choice one of those? Though career is four to six years away from now, it is better to know if the early projections in job supply and demand suit you. Can it give you a great leap, or a staggering stumble? Whatever consequent events you can muster to face, do not neglect to study your options. Though they won’t automatically produce your dream estimates, an opportunity is not worth ignoring.

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By p.d.adams on August 04, 2012 at 11:49 am

Very true. A complete study of your options as to what is "out there" is needed.

A more basic question is this: Will my life be a journey of discovery, a journey of acquisition, or both, and how much?

Some life-long learners are able find a happy home within the educational systems of the world. But remember, even Bill Gates by their standard is a "drop-out."

A clear, honest understanding of who you are and what you like is the key that will unlock your own definition of "having success" in life.

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