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A Discussion on the "5-3-1: Repurposing One Blog Technique"

Here's a great marketing technique which involves creating blog posts faster, better, and easier, and repurposing them for wider distribution. This method can get more views and traffic to your page.

Alex Mandosian discusses ‘the 5-3-1: Repurposing of One Blog Post Technique.’ With this strategy, you are able to get more backlinks to your website, thus, increasing the amount of traffic to it. Here, you start with one blog post and then, you will go to three different blogs and write one authentic comment on each of those blogs that are relevant to the topic of your blog post. After that, you will share the information of your blog post on at least five microblogs or social media sites.

The One Blog Post

The one blog post is very easy to do. It could be a commentary blog post or you can go to the other blogs available on the web. Try to find something what other people have written and copy and bring it back to your site. Then, make a comment about it. Another one is the opportunity for a video post. You can find something new to you that you’ve wanted to share. Post it on your site and making a comment about somebody else video. You can also post your own video and give a bit of information about something.

Series Post of an Article

The next part is the series post of an article. There is also the review post where you may have a product that you are using and you want it to share to other people. However, one best approach to doing blog post is article posting. Once you have written one article, you can then post it on article sites like ezine and get backlinks in that way.

Meanwhile, you can also repurpose that one article into multiple blog post. Let’s say, you’re doing a five-step article like ‘The Five Secrets to Internet Marketing,’ ‘The Five Things You Should Know before Travelling to Europe’ or whatever it might be that is relevant to your website. With that 5-step article, you can turn it into six blog posts.

Your first blog post would be your summary and then you give just one sentence explanation of each of the five points. You just list what those five points are and in the end you say, stay tuned this week for more detail of each of those points. Your second blog post then is just that first point with more elaboration and then the third blog post is your second point, and so on and so forth. With this, you can get 6th or even a 7th blog post if you wanted to do a summary.

Connect to Third-Party Industry Blog

Once you have done your one blog post, it’s time to connect to third-party industry blog. The best way to do that is to go to technorati and select blogs that are relevant to what you just wrote on your blog post. You can also go to Now you’ve found blogs that are relevant to your keywords and to the topic that you are writing about.

Once, you have found a blog that is relevant, go to that blog and fill out a comment. In that blog, you will put your name, email, and url to your website. Remember that the purpose of doing this is to get backlinks to your site. You can choose somebody else blog post that is different from yours but relevant to the topic you are talking about.

Go to Five Microblogs or Social Media Sites

The next step is to go to five microblogs or social media sites. These are some of the places where you can post your blog on other locations. The idea here is to share what you have just written. You can go to facebook, linkedin, reddit, twitter, and google plus.

That’s the power of the 5-3-1: Repurposing of One Blog Technique. It’s very simple and for every single one of your blog post, you’re getting eight backlinks. So, if you do this just twice a week, you will be getting 16 backlinks to your website. When you look at that over 52 weeks of a year, you’re gonna end up with 830 backlinks out on the web coming back to your website. That’s where you get more attention and more opportunities for you to move up in google rankings because you’re gonna have backlinks all over the place.

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