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Chunks 7% of our vision we really see?

by Jennifer Stone (writer), Australia, July 13, 2012

Learn to see more? Our minds with the unlocking of the subconscious mind.

We only see 7% of every 2 million parts per second that we actually "do see" -- we see a tree not just the leaves, stem or truck and then the branches.

Problems in life can be solved by breaking them down. Taking the chunks and moving through the tree or problem to see the leaves, the branches or even the twigs.

Many people have put books together about problem solving and our subconsious mind.

My theory: Automapping within everyone is created by what we need in our life the most. If our needs are so great our subconscious mind will map our direction in life to help us solve the problems. Some say it is how you look at life -- well our subconscious mind will only "open the door" with positive thoughts and positive words. This isn't rocket science stuff. Examine your own life and the things that you really wanted or needed in happened. Didn't they?

When you can open your subconscious mind you gain power to the 90% of the mind that most people by reports never utilise. The subconscious mind works on pleasure -- our rewards in life and how we feed our rewards to our subconscious mind.

You know, I am a mother of three children, nearly a grandmother and have noticed that when you teach this way of thinking wonderful things happen within their lives.

Life is Zany! Yet if you think about a problem upside down, you may just find the solution!

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By Fabiola88 on July 21, 2014 at 02:02 am

I truly think idea is well program dla biur rachunkowych

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