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Mobocracy and the Rule of Money

We must understand with open heart that ‘Democracy’ and ‘Rule of Law’ exists in books and ‘Mobocracy’ and ‘Rule of Money’ exists in practice.

‘Democracy’ and ‘Rule of Law’ seems to have become idealistic words often, as ‘Mobocracy’ and ‘Rule of Money’ have become concealed forms of the former. While the words ‘Democracy’ and ‘Rule of Law’ have established themselves theoretically, the Mobocracy and Rule of Money are actually dominating the political systems around the world. Realistically speaking the so called ‘Democracy’ that is still surviving through ‘universal adult franchise’ in different nations is getting killed by the the ‘Rule of Money’ and paving the way for establishment of ‘Mobocracy’. Whether it is in United States, Britain, India or Russia, the money has been playing an alarming role in deciding the election results. Money has become weapon in the hands of political mobs, to entice the voters and to purchase the votes and finally to seize the power.

The Russian public and Western media hooted like Cock on ‘carousel voting’ and electoral malpractices in the recent past Russian Presidential elections. Mikhail Gorbachev stated “these are not free and honest elections”. Alexei Navalny a prominent Russian protestor blasted, ‘in this unfair and illegitimate election independent candidates were not allowed to register and take part in the election’. The Russian media alleged that liquor and currency flown like streams to purchase votes. Similarly in India which claims to be the largest Democracy in the world, in the recently held bye-elections the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, money, liquor bottles, artificial gold items, have been distributed to masses in the villages to purchase votes and more surprisingly the masses seems to be enjoying the same corrupt malpractices in the electoral process and they are voting for money and appeals to senseless emotions and sentiments instead of taking sensible decisions in selecting their leaders. The masses here seem to be inviting the rule by ‘Money’ instead of ‘Law’. People are becoming slaves to rouge behaviour, mass leader worship, demagougic appeals and senseless emotions. Here or else where dangerous trends are being established by the Demagogues in the so called Democracies and every decision taken by them is ruled by money instead of Law.

Apart from political life, social life of public too is more dominated by money instead of Law. Law has become a pliable handmaid, in underdeveloped democracies, in the hands of people who have got money. Social values can be purchased by money. If you have money your ugly side of the background would become socially acceptable issue. The Law enforcing authorities shows more respect towards the persons who travel in a Benz car and pamper for their recognition, to obtain some kinds of favoaurs. For instance if you go to visit the Secretary of State to discuss on an issue, it is your outer stature and pomp brings you immediate appointment, instead of your intellectualism without outer pomp. I can support this argument – a rich semi-nude women dancer gets immediate appointment at a person in top position in a state, instead of a law abiding unemployed person who has got good reformative ideas that are beneficial to the administration. Rules and Regulations appear like chewable peanuts for the moneyed and muscled politicians and bureaucrats and to their kin and kith circles. Because they have got disproportionate money in their hands and coffers and they will not allow the Law to Rule the society.

Money plays key role right from providing the Kindergarden education to children to till the recruitment of employees to higher Bureaucracy and High Judiciary. If you go to police station or judiciary to seek justice, first you have to offer money to get an FIR (First Information Report) copy from police or court Clark. Thereafter you have to go on bribing at each and every step and finally to obtain an order copy after judgement is pronounced, in the meantime so many illegal monetary transactions would occur. In spite of this kind of situations, we say that Law rules, but in practice we experience that Money that rules, those institutions. In a word Law is subdued by Money, on most occassions.

Nothing can be done in these Democracies without money. To eat, to drink, to dance, to sing and even to Love and date with a women you need money. In countries like India, you need to purchase tickets to visit and pray the god idols in Temples and to get sacred ‘prasadam’ (the food offered to God) you need to pay money. So, even the spiritual and devotional lives are ruled by money. In United States if you have more money you will get appointment with Obama, if you have no money, no Obama to you.

Therefore we must understand that ‘Democracy’ and ‘Rule of Law’ exists in books and ‘Mobocracy’ and ‘Rule of Money’ exists in practice. Therefore the Active Global Leaders must tell truth to the people around the world that in the Mobocracies it is Rule of Money that exists and dominates instead of Rule of Law, realistically speaking. By dchaitanya

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By Aleksja88 on July 18, 2014 at 03:26 am

That is so special idea finestre

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