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Reporting Crime is not a crime

Credit: Jennifer Stone
Reporting not a crime........

The Wall of silence is deafening yet, we have a problem with drugs world wide. Which ever way you look at it, drugs the black market and the challenges the authorities to have to expose it.

How to uncover corruption?

Many people will see or be affected by corruption at some level at some time. How to uncover it is a daunting question and to expose the evidence.

Where to start?

You may see something that is not correct or within the law. You watch, you document and you notify the authorities.

What I have found by having it in the written form and now with the electronic computer age you can email people from the police, to council, to members of parliament, then State and Federal, you can then email many of the organisations that watch out for corruption.

By having it in the written format you have some trace, some acknowledgement that you have notified people and who. As it appears where the high level of corruption is noted that many of the people you talk too, or that are investigating the cases you disclose will just be filed bottom draw if there is any corruption with that person.

The email service of the dead letter office is quite quick for a response yet, it is the system, when they receive the documentation it is a fact that they may resend it to another person who could tell someone where the corruption or crime is happening.

When you email, not just one member, however many members of the parliament, or authorities some transparency must come about by having so many people looking at the matter.

I have found that many references on the internet can lead to significant evidence within maybe your matter or when the matter is spoken about by many members of the Public.

If we be silent to corruption or crime and just turn a blind eye, does it really help anyone. Not really! When crime is happening it can be terrifying and the PANIC comes into the equation...My theory we hold a sign

Putting a NOT in CONTROL sign up within our mind. Our mind scatters, you may feel as thou your going in circles yet keep going. Without determination, it just is one voice no action. It is a theory, that at first the truth is not believed. Then it is flipped about, looked at examined, yet it is the third time when the examination of the truth is the only explanation.

When we have a puzzle we have to look at the puzzle. With much of the crime that exists today, it is by many people rather than one or two that has played some little part within the matter.

This has been shown in history where many of the large drug busts and criminal minds have worked together.

Networking is one way to spread the word. Yet we have blogging which is another way, and newspapers like Broowaha where you may be a Journalist and need to voice a view where the matter could only be to a very few people.

When I look at the Police investigations and seeing that it could be 1000 people helping with a drug targeting or about the gun shots that have fired in the area well you start to say Thank You to the 1000 people that have taken the information and turned it over, thought there was some sort of crime and corruption having and lodged the information within these departments.

Many people they feel, a journalist has a in tray to print anything. Well, a Journalist normally comes after the police and the corruption is cleaned. It is very hard to allow the media to know all the moves or information.

Thank you to many people who have reported crime and reported links where it has been documented in many blogs and internet sites. I for one Thank You.

So next time you see something not just right, beare in mind many people before you may have been affected and many people after you will be affected when it goes unreported or unnoticed.

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