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Do you need an icebreaker?

Credit: Jennifer Stone
The Kings Cross Sting reveals the entertainment factor about his life

If you have trouble making people smile with a sense of humour, catch up on the Kings Cross Sting. Enjoy the story like never told before.

The Striptease.

The Kings Cross Sting Interviewed like never before

Are you out and about, visiting with friends then all of the sudden your party has become excited by people stripping off.

Many people believe sex is an art form. Wouldn’t you like that in our galleries and museums’ it is a reminder of how wonderful and in the moment Kings Cross really is. Well this is my kind of thinking.

So grab a drink, sit down for a while and join in with The Kings Cross Sting and Madame X on my sort of entertainment. The party just got a whole new lease of life after the formal clothes were removed and we are able to get back to nature.

Madame X, well people will ask questions about why you own a brothel or made you decide you were some sex expert?

Well, I enjoy sex as most people would yet I have a wonderful relationship for over 30 years so I must be doing something right. I love the bright lights, the pumping music and the adrenalin pumping Kings Cross lifestyle.

I will take you to some fantastic parts of my life just a brief description yet for some real play you can either come in and see my beautiful Queens of the X or plan your next holiday visiting our Kings Cross Red Light District of Sydney.

The red light area where we have our light on….


The Year that was!!!!!

Some of you will have a January to plan ahead. A barbeque with Bondage was on my invitations! And I would relive and recommend a Strip tease will excite any party or come to one of our private Striptease events. So you need a swimsuit Well not for this couple…!

The Kings Cross Sting Enjoyed and you should too....

For many of you will have been to a barbeque before, have you thought the spice in the party was needed. Well on our countdown that's exactly what we did. The Sting and Madame X we were at this party and yes you would like a party that people remember you twenty years later. So it was a hot night, the pool was empty. We were all just standing around having a drink awaiting the food. Then with a dash, a touch of excitement The Sting and I decided we would take the party to the next level.

We were both out there, being nude is just the 1% or so before sex, it can arouse you. You can feel fantastic yet you are free…..

It wasn’t the fact that we have an open relationship that we were able to put the spice in the party. We have over the years been able to put the spice into many of the parties we have been invited too, Madame X and The Kings Cross Sting.

It was the game, you know the game of fun, fantasy and relaxation for the friends we met once in a while.

We had been around at other parties, where cocktails were served by the bucket load sitting beside a spa…. My favourite a Pina Colada, crushed ice pineapple juice which is a drink many of the ladies of the night drink to sweeten the sex adventure for later and then the cream on top coconut cream with a dash of lime for the zing and the pizzazz, the alcohol, well I never know how much they dash my way yet it is always a wonderful drink when the The Sting makes it for me.

Well, the spa was hot and the party was happening, you will go to many parties and with our lovely Queen’s of the X the parties start straight away. It could be a visit to our website or to one of our family of websites or books that will entice you to have not just any play, yet a play with the Queen of the X.

We have made it legal to have threesomes or more in the brothel. It is not the LOve in your relationship we are enlighten it is the SEX and FUN within your relationship. LOve has it really been invented? SEX is the real fun!

For many of you will have sex dreams or wishes, well this is just a few that I have put together as my memories of being a wonderful Madame X.

Kings Cross is a place where people come for more than SEX. It is great when they are programming sex into their plans for a night in Kings Cross. Yet it seems many think about the rest of the evening first, well I will put you guys in the picture.

You can plan for SEX first…you can put your whole night of entertainment with one of the Sex Queens of the X, Sparkling Chandeliers the World Famous Brothel.

Well we are the secret hidden brothel that once I believe was owned by The Ultimate Boss of the Cross. It appeared that the Pink Pussycat Club was right beside this Club. We were the club for the discreet man about town in the 1970’s. The refined man who was on a sex adventure yet needed privacy with a life in the camera.

Back then, we didn’t have a front entrance, so our private entrance was hidden so many people not even the police ever knew this bordello was hidden away. The casino chips would fly in the lounge room, or was it the gambling of the poker tables that many of the stories were told with the wonderful young Queens of the X floating around the room. Wooing the most vibrant and public figures of the day.

Many famous people have been entertained by the Madame X’s of the X. We are the original Queen of the X. We had our dreams that the men that visited were all the King of the X when they left our little bordello.

Over the time I have returned to the Golden Mile, I have found that men are really looking for that something special even with their partner of choice. Life is so exciting when you live with a bucket wish and can put a couple of wild events into the mix of life.

Madame X and The Sting love to have a good time, and make others feel as though the time spent with them is magical. It is Kings Cross of course and many of my Queens of the X are beautiful ladies, that are vibrant and passionate about the Red Light District and the fun that surrounds.

Our famous lounge room has seen some sights, if these walls could talk as they say. Well for many a night when the guys came in they would tell of their own adventures in Kings Cross. Enjoying our company straight away, it was like visiting old friends where we knew the moves around the place.

We make you feel right at home, sitting back in our lounge room being entertained in the privacy of your own private room with a friend or two. Sometimes we have bucks parties and others we take the party to you in our time away from Kings Cross. We are a very boutique club where YOU are the most important person.

It is the lights, the many lights from the signs, to under the awnings as you walk along the Golden Strip. Even the lights of the traffic, the fast and expensive cars that hit this strip every night of the week. The flashing neon that towering famous Coca Cola Sign at the beginning of the Kings Cross Strip. The sounds of the music bellowing out the front of the Clubs, the pumping of the drums. You will see the people playing the guitar, or piano even many other and wonderful sounds when you walk along the Golden Mile strip of Kings Cross. They say on average there is 6000 people every hour of the day and night hanging around Kings Cross. It grows on a Friday and Saturday night.

Sometimes the numbers do swell so it is a little hard to navigate a car down Darlinghurst Road.

If it’s like our Kings Cross Sting, well if forgets, just parks anywhere. I was dared to write about his parking. You could line the room with the parking tickets he receives then blames me when it’s my car. Love it when us woman are blamed time and time again. So if you see a car parked, or being towed away well it could be the Kings Cross Sting when he is slightly busy.

Yes working in a bordello as you say has some advantages he tells me. I wouldn’t call it work. Yet he does. It is amazing how many of the working girls actually ask the boss. The Kings Cross Sting would be asked a couple of times every night by the working girls that think by him jumping into bed with them they will gain to be one day soon Madame X. We may have an open relationship… Yet it is not that open.

Kings Cross has always had a variety of music for the little musician that will pump there music, yet back in the day the parlour was where the music was first heard. Parlour music, if you’re about 120 years old today you would remember the good old days.

Even the kebabs that I love to eat whilst I walk the strip. It is the usual tourist thing to do. However all the locals walk up and down all the time. It’s the place to be seen on the Red light District. Even I think this is a great entertainment in itself. The people watch, where you will see the thousands of people even grow from the 6pm swirl on to the 9pm gridlock than the Midnight well the party is just kicking off. You will see the wonderful Queen’s of the X about town. You will know who they are, just a little bit different. Maybe we stand out from the rest. You may even find our ladies in the Pubs or Clubs in their time off. Entertaining clients around Kings Cross is an experience too that many visitors from overseas enjoy.

Coffee shops that make Kings Cross what it is today. These little cafés that dotted the street were where it became famous for the teapot with the famous drop.

These teapots would appear for the locals yet the alcohol was flowing with these now infamous drops. The bordello was the jewel of the Cross back when The Ultimate Boss of the Cross was about.

Back when this brothel was hidden from the world I could only imagine about the people that once adorned the bordello for a hidden game in the lounge when people were turning the blind eye to the casino’s in Kings Cross. Without a front door this bordello was the perfect place for that wild game of poker with the high stakes.

It was a dream back then in our youth to be going to own one of the most famous brothel’s in Kings Cross. The Kings Cross Sting back then was probably too busy chasing the pussy cats…. I had only been up here a little though I fell in love with Kings Cross from the first time I saw the real heart.

The heart beat of Kings Cross, is from the prostitutes, pimps around town and the people watch. All the different characters that take on the Kings Cross Stage.

The Ultimate Boss of the Cross was always known for having the right mix of ladies and entertainment in the area. The brothel was as when Abe had it with 7 rooms all with lovely furniture. This was the brothel where the people that didn’t want to be seen went.

The secrets that are held within the bordello are so valuable. It had been locked away for many years. Why? Well we are still trying to work out why that the brothel was locked up and closed from in the mid 1970’s to 1986 or there abouts as the history of the bordello shows.

Many of the Queens of the X were fascinated by the history I was uncovering about the Bordello the Sparkling Chandeliers the World Famous Brothel.

With much to do, many of the working girls would add their names to the history books to be mentioned or talked about as this bordello had pulled big wigs to Kings Cross many years ago.

Madame X, was fascinated, that people were thinking sex was seedy in Kings Cross yet SEX was the name of the game and the one thing that we have all thought differently about.

I am sure that many of you reading, have been up to naughty things before. A hotel room, a night with a lady of the night. Even the night angels as some of the people along Darlinghurst Road call the Queens of X.

Your night can start or finish with us at Kings Cross however many of our good nights or times we write about you can take with you and add to even your wish lists of life. There can never be enough sex in your life, as I would say.

Well this party we went to Madame X with The Sting we were enjoying talking about the number one favourite thing we LOve is SEX.

How sex has changed, as now it is common for Sex no strings attached. This became the slogan of the bordello and one that we have lived by day after day of our life.

We are joined, yet we are happy to be ourselves. Many of you today will have met me or heard about me. Madame X, the lady that changed Kings Cross.

Well, back in the day when Kings Cross was ruled by woman the Queen of the X was the most popular lady around here. So it is a great tourist find to experience something of Kings Cross that has not changed. Well, we are still young, bright and bubbly and will treat you all, as the King of the X.

Our night we are remembering was a great night. It needed a icebreaker for the evening as many of the people didn’t know each other either. The groups were defined yet, we needed action. When we need action of course there is some sexual moves around.

We wouldn’t be selling sex, if sex wasn’t what we LOve. The drinks were being poured, yet the party atmosphere hadn’t really kicked off. We thought of unwrapping of the present would take the shock out of the quick nude run that we would dash to the pool.

We had eyed the pool up, knowing that the dash to the pool would have to be the only way. Well just walking around the back yard wouldn’t cut it. It was the life of the party we wanted to enhance.

Thou over the years The Sting and Madame X have brought much life to many people. Couples and singles were mingling and with a dash and a quick remark we were adding to the party a zest for life that 20 years later people still talk about.

Our love for changing any situation to a spark occurred and still has kept us going.

The swim turned into the best nude run we had done for a while as all looked on. We said, well come join us, the Skinners VS the cloths the ball beside the pool was thrown at us and the game started. That's right it doesn’t matter what side your on as long as you have an open mind. I was stunned by the faces of shock, they had never really experienced this sort of involvement before.

It wasn’t that we were sexual actually we were just nude and open minded. Many of the people were in the pool with their clothes on for the event. Yet it was the spirit of FUN that was talked about 20 years on. Even writing about the time would bring back the feeling and seeing the faces light up. For many people they had never been to a party like that nor had since. It was special yet for us, this occurs nightly in Kings Cross. The special attention from either Madame X or one of the lovely and unforgettable Queens of the X.

You will enjoy our KX newspaper with touches of Striptease, we go to as close as we can get to sex on the internet or now the book. If we can air it we will. Keep an eye out on our newspaper for something different.

So it didn't matter if you had clothes or not you could come in we had broken down the barriers that hold people back from experimenting with the best sexual experience you can have. At the end of the day our best times are when we have no inhibitions, we are natural. When we plan for a night like this where our sexual inhibitions are left at home. It could be a night you dream about for a holiday or just a one off occasion or it could be like The Kings Cross Sting a night when you want to feel like a King of the X.

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