Friday, September 21, 2018

Perfect Partner there is no such thing!

Sex, my favourite subject....Yours too....well it does sell. Check out the advertisements on the television. Yet do we actually ever find the Perfect Partner.

Love the man, they all love us. The woman we meet, have enter our life in a day to day basis. They drive you crazy.

Well they do me, yet I could never do without them totally in my life. You know what I mean..

So what is sex, the action or the heart. Well I have been selling anything from icecreams to sex over my life time. Sex sells always has. You have a beer with the mates up the pub they eventually talk about sex. They will have a joke the biggest laughs are always about sex. Yet for some of us, this time at the pub, or getting to know people away from the office is a great way to boost your business. I don't mean just about sex.

The woman in your life, well they all look at us. Every single one of us and see what they can change in us. We just go to the pub and look the other woman up and down that are around us. Don't you hate it when the parking fine comes in, well the car was towed away and the lady rang. Well not just any lady. She thinks of herself as ThaT Lady.

I had seen her since, been home had coffee with her. What else did she want. I don't go to bed, hardly ever. It is the party mode or the work mode because the sleeping time well I reckon I can catch up when I'm 6ft under.

I said there is a real reason why that all happened...The car was towed, at least I found it. It wasn't even my car it was ThaT Ladys. She had been driving me mad, got the drift. Well I was around town, had a few got chatty with another hot looking lady and before I forgot where I was it was morning. We had talked all night, yet I hadn't talked to anyone really particular I was having a good time and working I say.

Men always lie about this, yet for me I think of it as the truth. You just have to park the car, go do a few errands and the clearway comes on the car is towed. Well I didn't tell her my problems when I returned and found no car. I didn't tell her how far I walked to get the car or how much it cost to have the car returned to me. See I fixed the problem and always they complain after the event. Got the line.

Can you hear, well I just don't answer for a while. You have played this game I bet. Well it works for some. Not this lady, yet she normally cools down when she thinks I know I'm in trouble.

Well I wasn't coming home so she did understand that I was just hanging around with my mates the reality was just a little bit daunting. Anyway, we are out today for a business lunch. Put some wine into her, she will feel better and she can't talk about the car getting towed. The fine, well there is one in the mail hun.

No wonder when you do business and talk anything about hot chicks, ladies that you have working in the office that makes heads turn or even a joke about sex. We all are looking for the Perfect Partner.

Perfect Partner...there is no such thing.

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