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Celebration of life?

Credit: Jennifer Stone
Where others have reported from and never came back

We forget so much good people actually do...the ones that fight crime and corruption. The ones that lose their life to this crooked black market of money! Where does it stop....

A famous Australian Journalist, cut down in the prime of her life. Her newspaper was getting the word out about town about the police corruption and the hidden agenda's. Juanita Nielsen wrote what she saw, brave yet this was the way Journalists took a look at life. For some now, they print what they are told to print. They write stories about Hollywood or the Musicians, they love scandal yet the truth was always a better read. Don't you think?

Juanita Nielsen was working not so much for the money, for the stories. Chasing the crime doing the undercover cop stuff when the police didn't see it or they wont. It is a comment that people today even have told me. I was interested in the life of Hollywood, yet it is the on the ground stuff that moves the nation. The criminal element that seem to clever for the police or is it that it flows without a problem?

Journalism, Juanita Nielsen added to the cut throat truth, putting her newspaper on the line for every edition. How many do this now. We talk about sex, relationships, the fad diets, the crime statisics, yet hit the ground and you will see what I have seen.

The rules of publication have stopped alot of the journalists that go undercover, what's the point you uncover the crime, maybe hand it on a silver platter to the police and then what. Nothing seems to happen, I have noticed and worked out that the only way to fight the crime is to go straight to the top.

So today, the message below went to the person that may change the drug industry in Australia. If he cant no one can. Yet the rules about extortion and torturing business's will need it's not worth the jeopodising the criminal currency that is created from the drugs. So why ask extortion money off a lady that is drug free, writes books for self help addiction and wasn't affecting your trade of business.

You investigate, and what did I find.....What Juanita Nielsen was trying to tell the world about!

Today 4 July 2012 Juanita Nielsen has been gone 37 years. Sad, when you know this lady wasn't just a lady. She was clever and witty yet she was chasing the Kings Cross Currency, the drug money that was fueling the Victoria Street Development.

This company that Juanita had her nose to the ground is still in operation today. It sets borders and powers for some of the most influential drug runners well the men that stand behind the drug scene. The power that has gone to some of these people's heads.

Yet no one tells the story like it is, that was the secret that Juanita did do, she told the story like it was back in 1975. Why didn't they pick up the company that was started in 1975 just after she was murdered well allegedly murdered.

For Juanita, she was chasing this money that cost her in the end her life yet for most people they didn't see the connection with the advertising of the Carousel Club and why she was there. To most it was an advertisement that needed to placed in her paper.

Over the last year, I have studied Juanita. Learnt her habits and dress and realised that many missed the true reason why she was in Kings Cross that day. She thought she was safe in Kings Cross as she had been there before, yet it was the place where they say bodies just disappear from.

Today, you will notice that my cross at the cemetery is a gentle reminder of who Juanita was, yet it forgot to say that she was on the biggest case of her life.

For many people they will remember the reporter that was once a glamous model, in the last year investigating the alleged murder I have found many items that have not been brought up in Royal Commission yet this items are needed to be exposed.

The police have been given the evidence, yet it is a cold case. Maybe today her anniversary of her last sighting and maybe her last breath we pay our respects to a lady, not just a lady. "That Lady" Juanita Nielsen who had discovered how the drug network was calling the shots.

The innocent are manipulated, moved asside or forgotten about. The drugs run freely on the streets and through the meetings that occur by these drug barons. Some are the same as in Juanita's day, others are the new kids on the block just waiting to caught by the police if they so want.

Yet, for Juanita many court cases a Royal Commission even didn't uncover the hidden company.

It's not hard to find as I found it....the evidence I believe is significant yet it is the reason why we have heads of drugs.

Queen of the X was Madame Tilly Devine.
My nickname is Madame X and this is what I discovered?
A graveyard find her bones.

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