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The New P.J. Clarke's at Lincoln Center

by The SUBWAYblogger (writer), New York, Manhattan, April 30, 2007


There's a new P.J Clarke's ( in town over at Lincoln Center ( The new location is a sister restaurant of the original over on 3rd Ave at 55th. So virtually directly cross town is their new place.

It's only been open a couple weeks, and already it's drawing some big crowds. Of course, being directly across from Lincoln Center helps, but the popularity may also be due to a lack of other cool restaurants in the area. P.J.'s neighbors the famous Rosa Mexicano ( ...a popular celebrity hang out. Personally, I've seen Renee Zellwegger there twice.

Anyway, other than Rosa, there aren't any other restaurants that aren't stuffy Italian or French places. The neighborhood needed a classy, yet casual establishment.

There's two bars: one upstairs that is quite large, and a smaller one down in the basement. The overall ambiance is quite nice, especially on a cool evening when they have the entire restaurant opened up. The largest side of the restaurant as floor to ceiling doors that open right up to an impressive view of Lincoln Center.

The downstairs,'s a basement. Same decor, but definitely a basement feeling. You almost feel like you are getting sat at the kids table down there. Still nice, but no windows and not much personality. Upstairs is way nicer and worth the wait.

They have a full raw bar with all the usuals. Usually 4 to 6 kinds of fresh oysters available at any time. I only wish they had a lobster entree. They do have lobster in a large raw bar sampler, but that's it.

I've dined on two separate occasions there. The first was perfect. The second had a few flaws. They must have had a new guy working at the raw bar because they served two oysters that were broken, so they were filled with broken shell. They also didn't cut the oyster from the shell, so they did not slide right out of the shell as you would expect. So, we had to separate the meat from the shell ourselves before slurping them down.

Otherwise, the second run was just as good as the first. They're also developing a bit of a following for their burgers.

Once they get all the "new restaurant" kinks out of the way, they should be in good shape!

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By Venditto on April 30, 2007 at 04:07 pm
nice article. I'm a fan of the huge vintage trough like urinals at the original PJ Clarke's. I cant wait to check out the toilets at the new diggs.
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