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For get the logic, we are marketing for!

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Take a EyE view at your it the NOW marketing for the Act and Grow Rich team

Ipad, facebook, networking, lead generating, can we improve where our marketing dollar is spent.

There are many ways we can market our products, we have a marketing funds for advertising and how to utilise it very effective. All businesses are faced with this problem. Not enough days in the hour, and many of them being non productive in the office you will see.

Many of your workers around you are on facebook, yet it is a numbers game within the marketing. If the contacts on facebook for employees of massive companies have there own ability to lead generate, communicate with there potential clients.

These the sales team, yet within warehouses many people have facebook. This total push on products, well secret sales, secret ways to like a page work for some methods of pushing brands and logo's into the popularity.

Facebook, with apps for business tailored with your existing employees friends is a network itself. It could just be a page of facebook for every line, or interest, or product you may sell. Even an app that moves between will develop a necessity for the person. Say, if your in fashion, with a image they can try on looks without actually trying the style of clothing. This works to push them into another dimension.

It could be from icecreams to the latest fashion.

1. Content is King, Context is Queen Yes again the game of Chess in business

People are only interested in the things they are interested in that mean something to them. This means marketers should use the iPad to reach target audiences based on their specific interests, the younger audience. The first step is to not create a one-size-fits-all app and then flood app users with tons of irrelevant content. Instead, plan for user segmentation so the content you deliver to individual users appeals to their interests, needs, and wants. It’s the same segmentation methodology brands are using for email marketing, just applied into the iTunes distribution model. Aside from letting users choose what type of content they want to view, always give them ways to revise their selections.

If we have the app tailored for a specific age, with a degree of movement we can target groups. This app if available to add to facebook can go virual. All ways a pleasure for the business owner.

2. Invest in the Right User Experience

You have a target audience your own employees, if they think it's a wow. Well you may have a winner. It is the wow factor that will take your product to the next level.

You can create fantastic content, but if users have a bad app experience, they won’t continue to launch the app. That’s why it’s critical to invest in UX testing as you develop iPad apps. Take a look at how Flipboard created a great user experience for content aggregation, or how an iPad app like displays content and photography.

3. Focus on the Long Term

An iPad app is like a baby: It needs constant care and feeding. You can’t launch it and forget it. Invest in maintenance, content updates, testing, and optimization. The best way to ensure your iPad publishing app gains and maintain users is to create an editorial team much like magazines do. Hire writers, photographers, videographers, editors, and other creative types to constantly focus on it. They can be freelancers or contractors, or in-house, but everyone must meet regular deadlines. And there will always be iOS updates, so ensure you continue to optimize your app in that way as well.

4. Open the Door to Adjacency

Consumers may love your brand, but they also love other brands. Think about other, non-competitive companies also in your category. These partners can help enlarge the audience for your app if you keep them close. iPad publishing apps are a great potential advertising platform for partner brands. For example, if you develop a monthly iPad magazine full of branded content, let adjacent brands advertise within your iPad magazine to generate increased partnerships and/or ad revenue.

5. Get Your App Found Facebook is one way......

Consumers don’t just stumble upon apps. You know you’ll have to promote your iPad app. The question is how best to do it among your target audience. One of the best ways to promote apps is through links in paid advertising. For example, tag or promote the brand’s iPad app in print, TV, and display ads. But brands can also gain an audience for their app by promoting it through in-store signage and kiosks, search engine marketing, and social media. The North Face experiences a spike in downloads for their Snow Report and Trailhead apps each time they are featured in a print ad.

The iPad may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for marketers. Brands that can win hearts and minds on the tablet will be ready for the major shift away from the laptop and PC that’s sure to happen in the next decade.

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By p.d.adams on July 04, 2012 at 01:00 pm

"Content is King, Context is Queen"--the new Camelot is Power of Choice. Thanks for a great posting Alex!

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