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Drug Detective? Well I see more than the police

by Jennifer Stone (writer), Australia, July 02, 2012

Isn't interesting crime is up, and they still don't see it under the nose

I hit the streets today to find clues on the drug network. How it works, where to help and how to stop it at it's roots.

It had been a brisk day here in Sydney, out I went. The radio song I noted was she's all dressed up and knocking on your door. That was describing me, I was going out to knock on the doors where maybe the police hadn't been.

Well if they didn't know about it they don't look. They seem to be behind, the front line.

Out and about just walking around I was talking to the people on the ground. They would notice my scorpion. I was getting to be known as "The Kings Cross Sting" well remember we were aiming for the biggest bust of something thou I didn't know what.

I had never done drugs, yet straight away, in and out of a pub and I was chatting to a lady. About 60 years plus except her house had been broken into and it seems the cops said you didn't lock up good enough.

Then she listened to my story, well I said. I am in Granville yet is this the suburb I need. With just a little direction I was down behind where the drug mules work and hang for the night. I was told about the kebab shop from the pub.

Over the railway parking out of sight. Getting out of the car and then walking, walking it seems the detective work is happening. They reckon no one knows they say out and about I was just walking and noticing. This lady at the pub did she give me the goss.

If you want a drug mule they pick up at Granville for the night on the run. Well the girls don't know they go along with these guys. Thinking it's a nice night out yet they are moving the stash as they party every where across town. They have the pick up cars the little hot cars with the exhaust and the music thumping. It is just what happens. A kebab I picked up yet the strip would have some business's open. Until midnight I was told, well what I was told many parents would've had night mares listening to the story. Is it a story, or is it the reality when the drugs and the young mix. Well these guys turn up in cars.

They just have little cars, yet they get them out and about. When you are a lost teenager this is showing love like you have never had before. Someone to notice you. Well they call past, you want to earn some dollars of cause the ears would prick up. They all have mobile phones, bills and need dollars the last thing on their mind is actually being asked out by a guy. Yet these guys are utilising their dollars and car as a lurer to pick up chicks. These chicks don't know that in the language, they become the drug girlfriend.

I was told of horror stories yet this happens every weekend, well nearly every night. They think it's a game. The mother of two described the hell of the understanding these kids think the drug scene is a game and how are we going to stop it.

How to break it all up, so that people will so no to drugs. I was told about the networks, how many of the guys know each other you may go with one guy and then to break away from the group is hard as they all know each other. They say they look after the woman, with black eyes and broken arms it is a care that many of us will never want to know let alone allow this children that the government takes over to look after.

They go out of a night, it is common. They run away from a house over a weekend and get up to trouble.

Why do teenagers do this....TROUBLE?

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