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Spanish Dancer and the Cancer Fog

by Jennifer Stone (writer), Australia, July 01, 2012

Credit: Jennifer Stone
Spanish Dancer and the cancer fog...see the light it is really only a blink away

Ever thought you could wish yourself to win the lottery. Believe it? Spanish Dancer and the Cancer Fog, puts the positive spin on to a life in PANIC

Firstly to take the time to discover your own mind, you may think this is slightly silly. Some of your partners may think it doesn’t work. It is amazing what people have found our own minds can achieve when we actually try.

So if you think it is silly, let’s smell a rose. Do you think this is nice? Have you done this even before? Some of you may have never smelt a flower since you were young. Look at the plant, then the thorns, even the leaves with the ragged edge then the petals of the rose. Soft sometimes perfect, then the feel, the look and then the smell. How it falls apart when we pull it apart. Like many things we look at we can pull apart.

It is like taking a peanut, or a sultana….it could be a glass of water and examining the item that we are going to eat or drink. We are going to look at the item just as thou we have never seen this before.

A peanut or a sultana, a small pea where you can look at the texture, smell and feel of the item. When you pick up the item even if it is the pea that you notice with your finger tips that the feel, the softness or if frozen the cold and the ability to squash the pea in your fingers, the softness of the inside of the pea is important as you are starting to become more aware of your own living. Becoming more aware of your body, your senses and your feelings is very important. Singling out a cell is the same awareness. You have to be aware that everything whether it is another person or your pea you have to start to become more aware. Remember most people only notice 7% of their environment. To TAKe CoNTRoL you have to be fully aware with an open mind.

Some of you may go for the next step remember it is just one little piece at a time. A new pea we may pick up and take to our lips feeling the shape of the pea. The texture, of the outside of the pea. The feeling as we open the lips. Thinking of the taste that we can remember maybe as a child, the dinners where we remembered the taste of the peas as we were growing up all these little pieces of information are normally thrown at us in chunks. We normally do so many actions as automatic, we don’t notice the finer points. However it is 7% of the whole picture that we take in.

Really when we break it down it is easier to realize that when we are faced with chunks of problems, information or food we must try to break it down piece by piece, the ability to look at our life just like a rose by the sight, feeling, smell and the beauty that we see is really a reflection of our own life.

We are thrown information at over two million parts per second at every stage of our life. When we are babies it could be the faces, the blankets, the toys as we grow older the information changes as we notice trees have branches, leaves and colours’ change, sometimes we see the wind whistling through the trees.

Whilst we live day to day lives without being fully aware of our own lifestyle and ability to breakdown as we have talked about a pea, we have been able to show that the chunks of information are also stored within our minds. This storage or filing system is very special that we sometimes need to do a clean out and see the rubbish and allow you to have a look at your own life, not just in the big chunks it is nice just for awhile to be able to break it down.

Other ways to become more aware is under the mindfulness or moment to moment living we are going to take a seat maybe at home on your lounge and look at our stomach as we try to quieting our mind. Breathing deeply in and out and watching our bodies respond to our breath feeling the air entering our nose or mouth. Feeling if the cool air or warm air moving through our nostrils or mouth. Our bodies are taking the air delivering it to our lungs without us consciously being aware. We find our bodies can do so much in a day it is just nice to slow our mind and listen to the quietness. For people new to finding how wonderful your body can be in the automatic zone it is really nice to take the time and discover our surroundings once again how good water can be and food.

With some habits it is the sugar reward that affects the pathways and make us feel good. We will all urge a chocolate from time to time however if you are a smoker the sugar fix is neverending, every time you pull a cigarette out you are actually having a sugar fix to your reward pathway if it is from a pack of cigarettes premade by a company or if it is roll your own it is just a fix where your brain has been wired for sugar fix as we have trained it to have a nicotine fix.

When it is for alcohol, the habit it really is the sugar, once an alcoholic comes to terms that this fix of alcohol or sugar is ruining their lives it is a great wake up call to stop the habit. Each of these habits will take 21 days of being totally free from the substances however on the road to recovery not just for yourself, it can help your relationship to become better and stronger to be able to see yourself in a different light. To rewire your mind takes 21 days. It doesn’t matter for what we need 21 days for the full effect. If you notice an improvement, you will be doing this for life, everyone does.

Becoming aware

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