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A dispassionate view of the war on drugs

by Ravo (writer), Sandy, Utah, June 29, 2012

From the Victorian era and Prohibition to the present, it seems we cannot learn from the lessons of the past as far as legislating human behaviors.

For over 50 years, I have been contemplating the social impact of indiscriminate drug use by people who are desperate to feel good about being alive in a relatively crappy existence, but are basically incapable of self-discipline. Their internal moral compass is absent, and their mantra goes something like this: If it feels good, do it, and if it really feels good, do it a lot.

I have to admit that exploring alternate states of consciousness by highly educated individuals has led to advances in medicine, clinical psychology, and the arts. There is a rich and extensive history of beneficial drug use over thousands of years by humanity, ranging from gladiators and shamans to intellectuals, educators, and religious savants. On the downside, drug usage by many commoners who laze their way through life or are parasitic on society in other ways winds up destroying their families and themselves, as well as unconnected citizens who are victimized by their bad behavior. We mustn’t forget that these users are cut from the same cloth as individuals that rape, rob, and murder whether they stay sober in the process or take drugs or alcohol to support their bizarre and destructive behaviors. They are amoral and think of no one but themselves.

I cannot detect any direct relationship between drug use and moral degeneracy. For the most part, criminal drug users were inclined to be law-breakers before they ever took their first swig of alcohol, puffed their first cigarette, or ate their first chocolate. It is important to differentiate between morally impaired people, and those who on a whim take a drug that entraps them for a long time. Those who fall into the latter case are likely few and far between.

If the forgoing resonates with you, then you must agree that society as a whole is probably better off by legalizing all conscious-altering drugs, making them plentiful and cheap, and allowing the degenerates to self-destruct by over-indulgence. In any flock, it important to thin the herd, and promote the survival of the fittest. It is nature’s way, and has served evolution well over the last three billion years. Society must not give in to feelings of sympathy and feed the animals and their habits. No welfare, food stamps, rehab clinics at taxpayer expense, or things like voting rights, universal healthcare, and concealed weapons permits. If they want to, as Hunter S. Thompson once said, “….Live like zombies in cardboard boxes under the Hollywood freeway”, so be it. Over time, the drug cartels wouldl disappear just like the bootleggers, and have to find something else to do like being bankers and lawyers.

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