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How to make a nobody a smashing sales machine

Credit: Alex Petrovic
The ultimate sales kit.....

Come on, it's like the red flag at the bull. When you know you can do it. Well we still have to push the barriers to get a job or even to work on something.

Smashing Sales!

That's it, I need someone to do some internet marketing on a website. You can all follow then. The Kings Cross Sting and Sparkling Chandeliers has been put up for awards. Well when you place a company up on awards, how to get the marketing to happen, when you haven't got any idea. Well, our guy, that needs a job needs lots of support.

We are all working together, we have bundled the problems up tossed them out the window. Now we are planning for a future.

My ultimate sales kit.

Now, within a night we are going to have the crash course. Putting some planning together. The ultimate sales kit, well when this is given to a normal sales man from a team, it inspires them without them even knowing. Motivation, yet our guy doesn't have much idea.

We have put the companies up for awards. It's a start for him to work out where to go, where to start. One of these is a fresh company Act and Grow Rich.

When the sales teams in business, are working towards goals they achieve more. How to push the team without really pushing we are going to change the work into fun. Where there is fun, work is enjoyable and the problems that surround you are much less.

I have taught many people before, what I have found when someone knows nothing about sales, it is easier. If they know a little they will assume they know a lot. It is the little things.

Internet work, well he is drying out from all the rubbish in his system. Still Day 5 soft around the edges yet it is time to introduce some skills that he can move forward with.

Blogging is a great way to start the links around the internet. You may start with local networks for the product you are going to sell, even your products you may give away free on the internet. It is just the blogging. You need to know your product well. We have put a couple of paragraphs together, a little brainstorming knowing that the computer is just across the desk to mine. We are working together, typing away. We will have a couple of weeks putting some networking and backlinks happening. Even working through the benefits of facebook and lead generating.

The ultimate salesman Kit always does miracles.

These are the skills where I have examined, worked with, then I have manipulated them to work for me the best that I can ever be.

I enjoy challenges, yet it is getting companies up and rolling. Even moving ahead of where they have been.

This is my hobby, yet to get someone not a sales guy to work with me. It will be a challenge.

Act and Grow Rich.....gone the group on facebook you will find that the information going through will be amazing for Awesome Entrepreneurs.

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