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How can we straighten out this drug addict?

Just watch, everything is possible. Yet it's an insight into what people that have a drug addiction think.

A marvelous story regarding a life of a drug user. Going into never before a life story has encompassed with so much passion how the drugs and then how to give them up has taken it’s toll on a life.

When you walk the streets in Kings Cross which I did last night, you see the drug addicts and wonder what their life is like. I have been enlightened to know how hard it is to give up these drugs.

Governments of the day have been working out whether to legalise the substances, yet the hospital’s will still have the problems. Our health system will like never before be in undated. Your story showed how the drugs had been a problem, what steps it took to get off the habit and the trial and tribulations that go along with giving up this toxic of all substances.

Graphic mind blowing evidence, this will be nominated for story of the year within the Newspaper. The Kings Cross Sting series has been on exposing all phases of the drug industry, drug users and drug dealers, even the drug barons.

I know this mission wasn’t easy, we have all been working on this story Undercover in Kings Cross for quite a while. In the Cross Fire we went to the heartland of the drug network within Australia let alone the ability to expose the main syndicate in Kings Cross.

Drugs have been going through this area for some time, really since the essence of Kings Cross existence. Will it ever stop you wonder to think?

No Newspaper, before has done this research of sending people undercover into Kings Cross not just to get to know the addicts, users, drug barons, however to expose the industry like never before.

The Kings Cross Sting Editor in 1975 The Heiress would have been pleased with the work so far to expose this mottle lot that took her life to stop the exposure of the drug network. The Heiress, like others knew too much however it seems people have stayed away from

Keep up the good work, enjoy the read. You like me will be blown away by the detail of what happens to a person that loses their way for a time.

Reporter Alex Petrovic

Alex took the challenge to go undercover to expose the network on drugs. To have the Kings Cross Sting series come to life needed to have the drug user perspective and to illustrate the drug network how it worked. This information became invaluable to the other books within the series.

Alex, didn’t start life as a Journalist or a writer however the way life leads us on different paths. When you enjoy puzzles in business you work on why?

The drug industry is like any other business, however it is the links that are put together

This was Living.

Sitting in the gutter between two cars, which were parked in a side street just off the main drag in Sydney’s Kings Cross. This seemed as good a place as any to have a shot. It was mid morning, and not too far away, around ten minutes earlier. I was asleep, without a car in the world. The streets had become my home. I slept where I could. Open plan living is the way I viewed it. Safe, comfortable and secure shelter, well that was a goal I’d set sometime in the future. I once had it but like everything else it was long gone. It was summer time so things were ok. Winter, and those cold, windy and rainy days were the challenging one’s.

I was about to use the last of what heroin I had, and the thought of getting caught with all I had left usually brought on some anxiety. Maybe it shouldn’t have because ten years had passed since I was last pinched. A bit of luck and some quick thinking has saved me on more occasions than I care to remember, or mention. Finding somewhere to have a shot in peace usually wasn’t a drama, however today for no real reason it was. Walking around the back streets of Kings Cross with a spoon, syringe, water and some heroin in my pocket clearly wasn’t a good idea, and especially the way I was looking. Fear soon took over in fact and became the decision maker and in this state of mind the best place I’d ever made. Actually I can’t recall the last time I did make a good one. However, there I was so I went to work and started mixing up the heroin. While I was mixing it I sensed something. You know the feeling that comes over you when you think someone is watching you. It changes everything for a moment. That’s when I looked up and saw two policemen running towards me. They were less than twenty yards away and moving in fast. I only had a few seconds to find a vein and every thought I had was consumed with finding it. In a matter of seconds I would feel like life was worth living, even if only for a few hours more, or I was going to get busted and wish I were dead.

The hunt was on, the jacks were chasing me and I was chasing a vien. I could feel the adrenaline. Maybe it was the same for them. The odds were in my favour. After 15 years of sticking needles in my arms I could find one in record time if needed. Maybe I should have been a doctor, it would have made getting drugs a hell of a lot easier. It was going to be a good day. I was pulling the needle out just as they reached me. There wasn’t a lot they could do other than lay a bullshit charge on me however after a warrant check came back empty they let me go. They couldn’t be bothered with the paperwork, no argument from me, and away I went.

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