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How to kick start our subconscious mind?

Many secrets I have found, to start the AutoMapping with our subconscious mind. The power within all our minds is actually amazing. This is for the smokers, however it could be anything.

Helicopter View.

For the past years, you have been travelling along life’s journey without really knowing for some of you how to achieve more out of life. A fun way to move forward and to change habits to achieve more within your own life is to take the Helicopter ride.

Sit down in a comfortable seat, for some of you it will be a bit of research needed to see a helicopter console, or a ride like at Disneyland where you go in a helicopter and fly over the fields flying high to get over the mountains and seeing the snow on the peaks. Then zooming down into the plains, running behind the cattle in the middle of Australia, or seeing great inland lakes that take your breath away.

This feeling of flying in a helicopter, for me was on of excitement. It was in New Zealand and I was on one of those young tours with heaps of 18 year olds. Many had no money for the helicopter ride, however they did always have for the cigarettes and the alcohol. I had given up, I had learnt smoking was not my cup of tea, so I was achieving a goal I had set at the time a holiday.

I wanted to remember the holiday for years to come, it was a milestone. The helicopter ride over the Fox glacier sounded so good, the write up was fantastic so I was going with the tour guide. I was so excited. First tour was the walking tour, I didn’t go why I thought? I would see more with the helicopter and the couple of games of pool, a coffee lunch and a walk to the edge of the glacier I could enjoy. The sheer size of the glacier astonished me.

Having the game of pool, the tour guide joined us because he too didn’t do the walking tour. It is so much better from the air. You will see the true beauty of the glacier. I go in the helicopter tour, I always have a blast. The glacier is seen best from the air.

The lunch was great, a warm cosy fire. I was enjoying the whole atmosphere, the others were returning from the walk and explaining the feeling of being enclosed by the glacier. The feeling of seeing white everywhere. How hard it was for them to walk on the ice.

We both we enjoying the vibe from the others however we knew what it felt like to walk on the glacier as we had done so near the carpark. Thirty minutes or so one way we walked into the glacier along the track and yes we didn’t hear about the history of the glacier it was still a great experience.

The chopper had arrived out in the carpark area. It was nearly time, the others were telling us the walking tour was great, and how we were wasting our money. Or was it that they didn’t have the money, that was the real question.

Camera I had ready, I was so excited. I had never ever thought of going on a helicopter before today. Yes a spur of the moment decision that I will hold close to my heart for ever.

Open the doors, the seats were getting organized two in the back and one in the front. I was pushing my husband then boyfriend for the front seat. I thought it maybe too scary. When I said this, wow, every one said. No, you go in the front lady’s first.

It was a little bit like taking the big step forward even bigger. The helicopter captain was nice, friendly and I was eagerly telling him. Sorry if I scream, it just happens.

Did I ask for it? The ride began, just a scenic ride in a helicopter. The tour leader said, yes this girl can scream I heard her on the rapids, and we chattered about how I scream, I don’t mean too. The chopper rotar was getting faster and faster, we had all buckled up and went through the safety.

That scared me, a touch. I hadn’t thought about the safety, the wind, the cold and the rain when in a chopper before.

The helicopter started to lift off, up and along we went over the carpark to wave to the others on the tour as this was just a thirty minute ride, I thought. A fun, easy ride. I was wrong, the first mountain was appearing, I felt my hand just doing the hand signals for up, waving up, and up, and up. The helicopter was going fast straight ahead was a wall of ice, a mountain. And the tenseness was appearing in my back. I was hanging on, being told don’t shut your eyes, you miss it.


Up at the last minute, the chopper rose to the mountain height giving us this fantastic view of the glacier that I hadn’t seen on the brochures. The driver was shocked, you guys said she screams wow. I haven’t had one of these in the chopper for years. Are we going to go to the waterfall he asked the Tour guide or are you short on time. No, fine. We have all day, as this will be an experience that I will remember too.

Up and long we flew, yes terrified and excited all at once, the helicopter would drop down the mountains and into the glacier, nearly landing on the ice, then at the quick of the stick moving we were going sidewards and up and into the mountain straight ahead. I did scream I couldn’t help it. The waterfall I thought was a waterfall. In a glacier? Should’ve known better. I was busy taking photos, and watching. A few deer along the way, as the guide said there lost. As he pointed out the window.

The chopper moved ahead, going up for the last large lift up. My stomach dropped away, the sweat was coming off me, the scream was echoing and the laughter I could not control. This was better than any Luna Park ride I had ever been on. I always take the chickens exit normally. So this was a once in a life time, and rules for flying was free for all back then before safety was critical.

Up and Up we went, with the captain explaining the helicopter was reaching as high as it could. He didn’t come here often. As I said only with a screamer.

Laughter from all, and the ride as the others said from the back was so much better with a screamer on board. I was trying so hard to be quiet.

In to the mountain, up and up and then at the speed of light up and over. Flowing like we were dropping at great speed, up and down, deeper and deeper we are going into the glacier. My hands are sweating just at the thoughts and memories that are flooding back to me. This was a eirie place white ice for miles. You could see no houses, no trees, no wildlife, even the rocks had gone. Over there the captain pointed that’s it.

For a thirty minute ride, I felt so far it had been an hour of scared to the point that I was wishing I wasn’t in the front, click, click on the camera. The waterfall, I will circle against the mountain the waterfall was just ice, coming up from the ground. A comment about it has moved heaps since I was last here over 12 months ago. I felt scared, moved. It’s moved a waterfall of this size, forgetting that the glacier moves so many centimeters each year and the climate was affecting the length and stability of the glacier where out here you had no idea the elements were so raw. The chopper was even cold inside though, I was feeling quite sick and scared. My stomach was aching from the screaming or the yelling, or even the nerves. The butterflies had hatched. Down we flew, round and round big sweeping movements in the sky, if someone saw us they would think we were all mad. Round and round, down and down, that’s right, down and deeper and deeper we were going down to the centre of the earth.

The captain said this is the starting point. The starting point of what? Of life…….

If I move incorrectly, life is over. Please do not SCREAM. Now I know, just the words he used, do not scream to our subconscious mind says, do scream the word not is not taken in by our subconscious mind as no negative words are allowed.

Down deeper and deeper, the helicopter felt like it was in the control, life was out of control for me for a while. I was relying on others, holding on to the seat. I was pushing my back into the seat as it felt we were falling down and down, round and round. Deeper and deeper that’s right. The helicopter’s rotar cut out. I just screamed.


The others laughing in the cabin, the ride had just gotten the best for the others. The sound affects, the view, the scenery it was something that Disneyland creates and makes millions from. Hanging on I was, pushing myself back into the seat as my seat in the front was vertical with the ground, the waterfall, the huge ice coming up from the ground you could see, and round and round the helicopter spiraled.

Again at a flick the engine started, the helicopter we gained control of again. The laughing and the scary ride I was hoping was over, I was exhausted. Life really was just starting and what a way to build your new life when I got to the ground and thought back over this ride. This ride that others couldn’t afford however they had the cigarettes, the booze and could party all night.

Life for them hadn’t started, it was just going down the spiral like the helicopter ready to crash at a blink of an eye, with the engines off. Scared. Wow, the ride you could not repeat, and still today I haven’t been on a ride that was so exhilarating.

We all flew back chatting, and laughing and now going on the scenic helicopter flight I had thought we were going on. Not the scary, scary ride, the helicopter free falling into the waterfall that had happened or seeing your life flash before your eyes as this ride, the pilot was out there. He was enjoying the laughter, the screams the fun that was a once in a life time experience for him too.

When I finally got to the mountains that we were flying over now so sedately, it showed how far you could see, miles and miles in all directions. It was this glimpse of the carpark that I thought we are going to get back alive.

It really had crossed my mind, we were in the hands of a mad man. A chopper that loved pushing life to the limits. Something I was learning to cherish, to begin to start. How I will remember this ride. Something the pilot said you will tell your children about. Yes?.....

Yes, I was shaking, and when we finally landed I couldn’t take the seat belt off, I was unclenching my teeth.

It was the start, I hope when you get in your helicopter to drive you find it as exciting as me.

Maybe, a real ride could be a wish for you in the future to get the real taste. I am sure you will see from footage of a helicopter how it zooms low over the fields, and climbs high to go over the mountains. It is great on a fine day as the rain harms the helicopter. So the sun shining is great and really this is how we look at live with the sun shining.

So I would like you if you could shut your eyes, pretend to get in this helicopter as the helicopter will lift off to see you the start of your new life. You have set a goal and within the last couple of days you have achieved the goal. The habits that need training have been thought through and your aware you are in control like never before.

It is time to get into the helicopter, when we go up we are utilising the helicopter to see your life ahead. If you look backwards from where you are now in time, you will see the hard road you have taken. The huge chains that you set yourself free from your past. The huge valley of darkness that you have been wandering around in, you can see clearly from the helicopter. The huge boulders that you have maneuvered your helicopter around through life and survived, now your in charge and the feeling is fantastic.

Let’s explore where we are now. The world is your diamond, it can twinkle and set you on a wonderful exciting journey, or you can go without direction like you have done before. Many of you will now enjoy the freedom that you never thought you would have.

When you take off to look at your new life, with new challenges. It could be your new goals that you can see that you will be enjoying in your future. For some of you, it will be hard for you to see and for others the visions will be as clear as a bell.

When you look back you will embed in your own mind that you are glad you have become the non smoker you had always talked about becoming. Time was right, and in the future the timing will be right for many adventures and dreams to come true.

When we shut our eyes and think what will we be doing in one month, two months, even six months we are adding direction to our life. You may drive past a picture, a sign, you may think of a suburb to visit or a picnic in a park. These are the items that you are working towards in your future. Without any direction, we are like a car doing happy laps around the carpark not finding a space to park when the carpark is empty. Lost.

By adding or striving for items, dreams, thoughts, ideas, destinations we are putting direction, challenges, even the impossible is possible now you have learnt to achieve a goal.

When you fly your helicopter you will start from where you are now, go up high to the sky but not as far away as you can not see yourself. As the main person in the helicopter ride, is you.

Think about where do I want to be? Where am I today? What have I been doing in the past that I would not like to bring to my future?

For some of you it will be other bad habits that you will want to leave behind. It will be a chance to learn from this experience or maybe learn to look at life a little differently.

From today, life is good. You are appreciating all the hard work you have done in the past. All your scarifices and the start of your fresh start that for many people they don’t receive. Yes it is this start that you will have that will give you new direction.

For a plane ride now, you will be able to get through a ride half way across the world just because you have lost one bad habit that had held you back. Some of you will find that you cut down on alcohol just by cutting the cigarettes out of your life. That could be two bad habits that you have learnt to be in charge of and not rule your life.

When we are happy with our own existence, we are more confident, have higher self esteem and can achieve more. It is this pleasure and seeing your own self happy that will push you for the next desire.

You may hear yourself, yes, one day I’ll do this or that. Well today is the start of taking control of the next phase in your life. It is the phase that you are in control. You could see yourself taking a cruise, or cleaning the garage up. You will see yourself with more time and being more productive. You will feel healthier, happier and be fitter just by the habit you lost moving out of your life.

With your eyes shut in the future can you see yourself smoking again? If so, then you need to pull the picture out of your subconscious mind, your vision of the future and put the images in of you as a non smoker. Squash, delete any images of you as a smoker, as from now on you are a non smoker.

The road, in the past has been rough, the last few days you will have been feeling better and you will be in control more and more. The direction of your life is moving forward, and the speed of day by day living is going faster.

Life isn’t meant to be a struggle and by setting a goal for the future weeks to work towards, it could be going to the gym daily. Or a fitness walk with a friend, these are the goals that will help you to achieve more in every phase of your life.

You will be more aware of your surroundings as in the past days you have been noticing your surroundings more, the power of the language that is all around us. The thoughts that flash through your mind, it could be a shop window or an image however you will gain more direction when you are more aware of what you are doing in your every day movements. Your actions that you do without normally noticing like breathing in and out, your heart pumping, your mind ticking are all things that just happen.

When you focus on what you want for a minute even 5 minutes a day. You will start to see your life take a new direction. You will see your little goals rising and being achieved.

You will gain heaps or truckloads of self esteem due to the fact you can see yourself doing exactly what you would like in the future.

So take a look around from your helicopter, looking at all the images. The words that are signposted, holiday destinations or what you would like to look like. Your own image if you would like to be healthier, or skinnier it is all what you can see in the future where you make these as goals.

For some of you the goals will be in disarray, as you haven’t put emphasis on achieving anything like a goal that could better your life since maybe you were a child. These are the little things when we grow up we forget to dream, plan for our future. Some of you may have stopped planning when you reached the timber bar at the pub on the day you left school. Life is a hazy, well you have a chance a chance where many people before you have been given these valuable tools.

It is interesting that we can all set goals and achieve them. It is only a small percentage like 4% that actually do achieve them and keep them up. Make your new life a life with purpose and exlerating challenges like helicopters that free fall down into waterfalls and when the engine starts life is so much more brighter, clearer and focused.

You are in control, for once. Enjoy the ride.

Remember this ride, is free for all that have the time and patience to enjoy not just looking or thinking about where you are now, but where you will be in the future or get to in ten years time.

Life is good, when you look at it my way.

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