Friday, September 21, 2018

Dealing with emotions!

Found your in the pothole, can't get out! Many people do end up here. Well drug users and alcoholics end up here, then to get out DAY 3

Day 3.

Dealing with emotions, I have this guy I picked up from the streets. Well he was honest having a cigarette with me and over the last couple of days he was telling me his life.

It has been hard, in and out of rehab's yet turns around and back on the alcohol and drugs. You think why bother!

Most of the people walk past him most days he was saying. Not even thinking what he did in his past life. He told me he had worked around the docks, been in the army. Like most of the guys around that I have met, well a diseaster in his life fell in the pothole and couldn't get out.

It was the vicious circle. He liked my philosophy with Jennifer we have been putting the perspective to his life. See no one will change without them wanting to change themselves. The emotions, when you focus on the emotions this grows and makes the pot hole huge. We have been putting the rubbish in his life with a touch of our own to explain and not feel that we too have a perfect life.

It seems to be one pothole, after another however we are going to learn to make them speedhumps and utilise this as a way to launch yourself. Push yourself further. For many people, they just get up in the morning and not notice that they are doing the same thing. Happy with doing it. Well I enjoy helping people, getting them working and active.

By today, we have been doing a fair bit of listening and talking. Pushing him to look at a future. Could he tell us what he did. It wasn't hard when I was looking at his positives in life he started to show some interest in himself. What he had done, how to put a reference together. I thought he may like to work with me for a while. Just pushing a little sales to get his self confidence back.

Jennifer had been working on this, self confidence, self esteem is so important for these people. To build a future we were starting from scratch as this guy had nothing. Yet from nothing, you can still gain confidence to move forward, a hand and a friendly face will allow you to go further ahead. Jennifer had picked out some clothes at a clothing chariety store. Had them put a side and he and I went in for the putting the new guy together to face that mirror again. Be pleased with who he was.

Some laughing, feeling good about yourself, a few clothes if you don't notice the sign you wouldn't know. The clothes Jennifer picked out were pushing colours to feel good I noticed, a smart look, a casual look. He had a dinner date just out at the local chinese tonight however it was to meet his new self. Day 3, no alcohol, working through the emotions within his life.

I bought a pair of shoes, see I was showing I wasn't any better than him. For a quick $100 we had a new image, a new guy. We are working on a future. Chinese, we were all looking forward too tonight. Hardwork, 3 days with feeling a little human he told me. He was feeling like we were treating him like he hadn't had for a while.

Well for the stop drinking, he was getting to know he could cope with his life. The pot hole wasn't too bad now, we had given him shelter in this single bed, he had taken over our little office. This single bed both Jennifer and I could tell our own stories of lying on this bed feelings we had at the time. Just to have a problem and how we talked about it. Worked through it and moved to another diminsion.

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