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Talin's Wish.....a little sick boy in Australia.

Where there is hope there is life. Talin is an amazing boy, join his journey and it will just break down our own problems as nothing. Hi Talin! Follow my story

We can only imagine the pain that the family is having seeing a sick boy infront of them. Then they have put together a terrific and amazing way to raise funds for cancer awareness and for the families that are affected. The images you will see paintings that Talin has made for his audience within Australia. However it is great to have the audience grow with world wide attention.

A little boy before his 6th birthday was diagnosed with a brain tumour, it is in God's hands now. He paints, Talin seems to paint the most amazing pictures with a love for helping others. These paintings have been put up on Ebay Talin's Rose to raise much needed funds to make the last little time with their loved child a little more fun.

FUN, is the most important element within the whole process of life. It is the fun times we remember or how we can impact not just on a family how his battle has captured Sydney. We need to push the joy into peoples lives even when they hit a speed bump.

Life is so precious, we don't actually know for any of us how long we are on the planet for. We try so hard to live a healthy lifestyle however when we are born as they say our life can be mapped on the palm of our hands.

People will comment that is the road we travel however you can change your future, it is just a moment away.

Colour therapy has been introduced to many countries as a necessity within the medical intervention of sickness. Some people have found amazing results with these theories. We can all hope and follow Talin's story, his mother is doing an amazing job of putting a message and what he has been doing. Though I look at his art work and see the colours.

They say, if you shut your eyes and see one particular colour jumps out of the rainbow of colours at you well any colour than that colour is necessary for your well being.

Some will like green clothes, other blues, however our own life and our feelings of wellbeing can be manipulated by colour too.

In the USA Mayo Clinic has done some amazing work on Mindfulness, colour therapy and many other ways we can open our mind to heal our body. For some of you it will sound like rubbish, however just shut your eyes and think of a colour. Or look at a paint chart and say to yourself which colour makes me feel better? It's not hard, it is conventional medicine we are utilising our mind, not just our mind our whole body.

Now this colour you have just start when you are lying in bed nice and quiet, and send this colour from the very tip of your head to the tips of your toes, all the time breathing in and out, slowly in and out. Putting your focus on the colour running through your body. Pushing all the impurities out of your body. Slowly, in and out with your eyes shut. You will find the first couple of times hard. You will push the impurities to the tips of your fingers and tips of your toes you will be pushing within your mind visually seeing all the bad stuff as they say come out of your body.

Then, most people either pick yellow or need yellow. Bright yellow they have had the most success with, so when we can quieten our mind again, we visualise in the mind's eye. This Bright yellow thinking nice thoughts flowing the yellow throughout our body pushing all the time the bad elements out. You will find even if you have nothing wrong with you, your attitude, your perception on life will change.

I work through images with in the mind, not just colour to create a wonderful YOU.

A little about Talin's treatment. Where you can join in and see the vast help and awareness one some boy with some exceptional parents has brought together. Join with them the fundraiser where the ultimate gain is to support precious life it'self.

Just from the Mum herself explaining what's happening.

In Bear Cottage Sydney Australia it is about what the children want and need in this time of their lives. It is not about the parents, siblings or extended families and carers. This does make if very difficult as the wants and needs of the self and others have to be balanced with the needs of the child, and the child comes first...This is for special care to help with pain management and to help parents still interact with their children as you will find on the facebook life line.

Many foods will make us happy and Talin eats alot of chocolate as you will notice.

"You may have noticed all the 'healthy' food that Talin consumes. Some might think it is normal, but actually it is light years away from his normal diet and driven predominantly by the steroid medication that he is on. This medication is used to reduce the swelling around the tumour in the pons part of his brain stem. It does increase appetite and blood sugar levels. This results in the body trying to balance out that blood sugar by reducing it, using insulin, and correspondingly turning it into fat tissue, hence the weight gain and change in appearance. Fluid retention is also a side effect of the medication which adds to the changes in appearance.

I have for a while not shown Talin pictures of himself, due to changes in image and rapid lose of function considering he was running around on the Easter long weekend as a normal 5 year old would. Currently he is bed ridden, gaining weight and sleeping more often. Participation in games is mostly watching due to the fatigue factor and dexterity lose. He is insistent at times in feeding himself and really, the chocolate does him no favours due to the reasons stated above. Another problem with the appetite drive is the shear amount of food consumed into this little body. Things go in, must mean, things go out. With neurological problems in bowl motility, he needs medication to make this happen and that is not necessarily in line with his consumption of food. Then there is a backup problem with the digestive system trying to process more food than it can handle due to the drive to eat something to satisfy the self.

Essentially he ends up with a big full tummy from eating too much and it is uncomfortable due to the tightness and lack of movement which would normally enable things to go down and out in the right order. Nothing like gravity and movement to help the digestive system to move along in the right order. Talin was normally a bird like eater too. This meant he ate little and had lots of energy, plus was a thin boy typical of his age and size. To suddenly have this drive to eat, feel fat and be unable to move, plus bed ridden in such a short period of time must really prey upon his mind - well it would mine...

Another aspect on the needs of the child is the want of the child to see or be around their mother. After stepping aside from my own feelings around this I have been wondering about this for a while. On talking to one of the nurses here, she states it is not unusual. As per usual I was intrigued and asked some searching questions to tease out some ideas around this that neither of us were privy to previously.

It goes like this : (Hypothesis here) (ie an educated guess, but still an unproven guess) A child comes into this world through its' mother. The direct link is this from mother to new life. Thinking that after all these years of evolution the early part of the human brain may have a default link to whence it came through to this world, the mother. It apparently does not seem to matter, who the primary carer was, whether there is a mother around or not, alive or not... It just seems to be a condition of the child to ask for the mother, perhaps it is the same as in adulthood. The theory is that the connection of where you came into this world is relevant to the exit to this world. Remember, this is only observational and could be just people trying to make sense of an event there is no real information on... So toss it around your head and see what you come up with, could be just as valid...

In any case the children tend to do what they want, in a place where the normal rules of family do not apply, where there are other families, spilt or whole trying to normalise as best they can in a situation they can't. Hence the lack of normal anchors of culture, normality, routine and boundaries that would normally exist and are now out the window in the outside universe that exists outside the Walls of Bear Cottage. I suppose I should mention the shell shock of those re-entering the world after leaving Bear Cottage, the adjustments for family, siblings and the lack of support away from the confines of Bear Cottage. A person moves from a state of normal life to one of the strange and then back again. How each person does this is life changing and personal to that person, and we all are different.

So after being here 4 weeks and entering the 5th the grip on reality is tenuous at best. Normal life is something far behind and more than likely not possible to go back to. I am not the same person as I was and what I will become is something different again. This is the same for all involved and the personalties that make up that whole. The groups change, the families change, and so does the individual. The direction they go is up to them.... And I will leave that for you to think about - there are at least two directions a person can move into with the third being none at all.

I am trying to get you to reach for an understanding, I believe you will get what I mean... Perhaps the mums can help me on my faulty explanation...

From whence you came the universe shines though - To where you go, only you will know - The path you take, may be once well trod, to something new for yourself to view - Stars above and stars below, rainbows in the middle for you to know, the direction to take, the path to choose, to honour yourself and your own personal truth is what matters on this journey of life that only you can walk - all you need is yourself and feelings, to follow what matters, to complete your healing... I wish you all the best possible path, the integrity to follow it no matter the risk. The rewards to the self are immaterial to all, but the self where it matters for all..."

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By Jennifer Stone on July 01, 2012 at 06:43 pm

Today, just a lovely morning awakening. Talin had a great day yesterday he had paddle boats, sausage sizzles all celebrating life for one small little boy.

Well today, his fight is over. No more pain, the angels are looking after Talin. Yet he has moved us, maybe a touch or maybe more than we realise.

An email today, life was going great. I had finished my book with Talin mentioned. As the email came back thanks for the book. I then noticed the passing of a little angel that moved the world.

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By Jennifer Stone on July 17, 2012 at 05:15 am

Bear Cottage, is a fantastic care facility for children with medical problems. Like Talin, many have used this facility and died. Well, today 17 July 2012 at 12.03pm Talin lost his fight against a brain tumour, may he like he did me move you to read his story. His legacy, well we have a Talin's Rose and light a candle for a little brave man Talin Hawkin's from Australia

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By Jasmina88 on July 04, 2014 at 02:41 am

That is a true passion foteliki

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