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Putting a positive out of nothing!

This guy had lost everything, well he was down on his luck and to pick him up is one thing. Day two.

Day Two,

We are putting the finishing touches, a few AA meetings with a chat about why he was going to the drink and the drugs.

It wasn't hard to put some positives into his life. It was like opening the door wide open and he was walking through.

We had gone and bought some black plastic bags. It was we would have a chat with the bag in front of all of us. We would talk about what sent him there, why he found the alcohol or the drugs were his answers. We would then be showing him how we removed the negatives from our lives.

This was a trick my friend Jennifer had taught me, it worked. It was the quickest way to put the rubbish in your life out the door.

So we would talk about those problems that pushed us to the limit and what it felt to us. If you take the rubbish out of your life. Put it in the bag, have a real look at what is holding you back. Well this is the rubbish, the chains that have held you back from your full potential. We were making waves.

We actually then pick up the bag, tie a knot in the bag. Working on putting the rubbish, all the baggage out of your life. You feel so much better. Each item you have examined, have a talk about it. Worked out that it wasn't that bad and then through it out the door in the garbage bag.

Physically and mentally it is a great exercise and many people can gain so much from this. It works where there is family break ups, where you have lost sight of the real problem within your life. It is pulling each item fully apart before you through it out.

You actually are feeling good by the time you tie the bag. Throwing it out and having a walk like a new person. You will find that this is a daily exercise that I do when I have new guys like this it gets you motivated, it could be done in the car after a while to a job. It doesn't take long, long enough to take the full pain out of the rubbish that has held you back. You will be getting up earlier, you will be feeling like you have a new opportunity in life. For many people it is the act of going to a rehab or AA makes them focus on the rubbish, however we are focusing on the new life that is in front of us today.

Day 2 we are progressing, we have cleaned him up, given him a new lease on life and moving forward not focusing on the rubbish however we are focusing on the future. When you say you are a drug user, you think that's all you can be. When you think your an alcoholic that's all you will ever be. However we now have a salesman in training. We don't know exactly what he will do it will turn up with some positive thinking.

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By Angie Alaniz on June 22, 2012 at 08:48 pm

I imagine it can be very positive thing to do when things go wrong and need attention in your life.

But do you really do that everyday?

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By Filipina88 on July 02, 2014 at 03:14 am

Positive is really good idea fenetres pvc

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