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Mission to teach a guy in the gutter the secrets!

The mission was pick up a person in the gutter and push them to be a somebody in life. Not just a somebody, a person that is respected, running a company. Day 1 to be an awesome entrepreneur!

Mission: Alex, you have to teach a guy, a bum on the streets to be an Awesome Entrepreneur.

Challenge accepted.

It wasn't hard to find a bum on the streets living homeless and help them out with a cigarette or a $10 dollar note sometimes. I had been doing this, what my partner noticed that they were always just looking for the cigarette off me or the money. They were relying on me, not teaching them to be on their own two feet.

It was a little hard to think of what they could do? We had to clean them up make them respectable or did we, could we ask them to do a erin and see if they could follow an order. That wasn't a hard spot to start at. I was pushing the limits of being in an easy mission. Well when you think it's easy it is. If I thought it was impossible it was. Mind over matter.

I asked with a fifty dollar note, can you get me a cigarette packet thanks, one for yourself too. With a fifty if they came back they were trusted, if not they weren't going to be the one. It took me a while to find the person, the fifties were filing out the door. I was pushing the limits of my patience. Not hard, yet this was just an endless exercise.

I did find someone, I brushed him down. Yeah mate, I need a guy like you around. You want to fix yourself up, I have a shower, a few clothes we are going out to hit the streets later as a new guy. A haircut in order maybe, a shave. Well the answer was yes, thou the smell of the scotch was there. It was the alcholic blanket to keep him warm we had the battle with.

Brushing himself up, with a clean up the man thought he was this new person. I use to be alright he said. knowing that I was giving him an opportunity to be a someone. That was a rare position he was in today, clean him up now, the alcohol blanket. We went to AA in the city. Just to get him started, he had really lost his way or had he got relying on others.

We put him though a few days of no alcohol, working on the reasons why he had needed the alcohol. Working on his listening and whether we could talk him around for him. YOU are the most important person in your own life. I've learnt that lately however I knew when I left the rails, it was the one person I forgot about was ME.

When you do something for yourself without others pushing you, you actually see you can move ahead. After a few days, he had worked out that he was looking a different person. People were looking at him differently, he had a chance that was something others before him were offered they just took the $50 dollars and I never saw them until they needed the next dollar or cigarette.

We were picking this guy up and working not just on his mind, his business skills, putting a new push on his life that he hadn't had before. It wasn't long, it was a system. We weren't living in the gutter any more, so shower, breakfast a set time to go to bed in a way are all the ways to push someone to do the right thing.

Yet our missions all over Australia, are just missing a major point for many homeless people they have to do something for themselves. We are on a mission and we will succeed. We will be pushing the barriers to prove it can be done with our was and courses. It may just a couple of days of motivation however it is a motiviation where we are not dealing with the past we are setting a future for them first and then we deal with the past. We turn their mind into there own medicine. Not many people do this theory well they run a mile. However it is good to have someone sober, clean and eager to learn working with me now on this mission. I'll do updates, keep posted.

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By Angie Alaniz on June 21, 2012 at 09:40 am

I hope your mission has great success.

I also look forward to the updates because its a really interesting topic and I sometimes feel we don't give these people enough credit.

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By Alex Petrovic on June 21, 2012 at 04:10 pm


I didn't set about compiling a business strategy for just one person. I wanted to make it work for millions. Someone gave me a chance once. It is nice to repay back what you have received from life.

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