Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Patience, Silence, have you heard it all before.

Pushing the universe, achieving goals, no one would notice the hints that are given along the way. Have you noticed?

Patience, I would say I have heaps however it all gets too much and I loose my cool like everyone else. We tear into things. I find that I seem to race ahead. A few deep breathes. I had lost control for an instance. I felt like that I was racing about without going forward.

Yet when you feel like that a door or a window opens that pushes you to the next way along the road to your goal. I call it the end vision of what I have been seeing for many years. Yes goals can be in your sight not just for a week, month it could be years and patience does come to the end when your wish manifests itself.

I hoped that this door that opened today, was something I had been manifesting. The door was aware that I couldn't move, I was caught between the post and the door as the saying goes.

How many people out of the blew say, be patient. Many that I have noticed however we don't take that as a sign, nor do we listen to what the universe is throwing back at us. Today, I wasn't doing much, thought I would work on my coming up novel and then I thought patience would be better putting the thoughts back into perspective.

Maybe I had lost control for an instance. It was the system pushing you from one way to another I wasn't that door or window to open more than anyone else. I had to show I was working on the novel to my Editor. Just a few twenty email's I sent him showing I was pushing the barriers of the universe.

Was he patient with me, it seems the universe just flows it is hard for the connections to work together. Manifesting is one way to push the universe it is pulling what ever you need to the front. I am not the religious type, just an awesome entrepreneur, well others would call me a nut. However this were the same theories that many people utilised in history. Like Edison, Ford etc, even today I believe Richard Branson, Trump, yes we are getting the picture. They are not nuts, they have a secret and manifesting pushing the universe to open is one way to push for the doors to open that push to meet up.

Today we had a door slam in my face, then I reacted, well I took those deep breathes thought and fired off my ammunition. Hoping that they saw my side of the story. It was important for my survival in the rat race of life. Maybe putting a new spin on the evidence I was putting forward and they way they weren't prepared to work with me. Just slammed the door, well the window opened, then the apology. I had just passed through the barrier that was stopping me. The connections will happen. I have to be silent, working alone on my computer collecting the evidence, and working out what parts will be utilised in the novels. It isn't just your normal crimethriller. I don't follow patterns I set them. I am a leader,. Im not a follower. When the door is slammed, I work hard on opening the door and moving through barriers.

Patience, silence, yes powerful words yet the action is magnificent.

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