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John Daly's Beer Commercial Pulled by CBS

by Ed Attanasio (writer), San Frickin' Frisco, Baby!, April 28, 2007


Golfer John Daly has taped a commercial for Maxfli golf balls in which he sings in a bar while people are drinking beer and later grabs a beer while he's driving a golf cart. But, CBS won’t ever broadcast the commercial, stating that it violates network policy by showing irresponsible consumption of alcohol.

I have never understood the phrase “Drink Responsibly.” What exactly does that mean? When you put drinking into the proper perspective, isn’t it basically an irresponsible act from the get-go? I know they say wine can be good for you, but hard booze and beer are full of things that can in no way be considered responsible. That’s like saying “Play Russian Roulette Responsibly” or “Eat Lard Responsibly.”

CBS implied that the commercial was offensive because the people featured in it were just having too good a time. "It did not meet the standards of the CBS network," spokeswoman LeslieAnn Wade said Tuesday. “Any implied or direct reference to excessive consumption of alcohol would not meet network guidelines."

The commercial has aired on the Golf Channel, but it has been criticized for showing Daly reaching for a beer while driving a golf cart, which some consider dangerous. Some have also questioned why Maxfli is juxtaposing Daly (who has a checkered history) with alcohol. The marketing director for Maxfli golf balls said, "We looked at John Daly as someone who lights up a room, not someone with a troubled past."

John Daly has always been the Babe Ruth; the Dennis Rodman; the Hollywood Henderson and the Mike Tyson of golf. Unpredictable, unrestrained and unrepentant, the greatest thing about Daly (other than his monstrous drives) is his attitude about life. When the man dies (and don’t expect him to live to be 100) his headstone will probably say something like, “He drank. He smoked. He partied. He stroked. And he never gave a damn about what people thought of him.”
I personally admire the guy for all his wives, his gambling losses, his triumphant wins and disappointing losses. Critics are always saying that if he didn’t party so much he’d be a top echelon superstar golfer. My reply to that is, “So what?” Why is it so important for people to live up to their potential? Why can’t folks just be free to enjoy their lives? If they want to underachieve than that’s their own business, as far as I’m concerned. Some people don’t crave money, success and fame.
In two thousand years, when historians look back on our society, the only names they’ll be talking about will be Jesus Christ, Albert Einstein, maybe Gandhi and/or Martin Luther King. Oh, and Scott Baio. (How could I have left out Charles in Charge?)
So, who gives a s--- if John Daly has a few beers, a couple wives, smokes Camels like a chimney and isn’t a legendary golfer? Not me. And certainly not Daly himself. So, have another beer John. And tell the uptight suits at CBS to plant a big smooch right on that large derriere of yours!

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By LoveChef on June 20, 2007 at 06:26 pm
With Daly's recent problems, this article rings even more true.
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