Sunday, July 22, 2018

Challenges or Inspiration!

Business ideas that people struggle to move on. Brillant for the mind, powerful to succeed and boosts my whole self-esteem.

Having a look around at other people in business everyday worldwide. You see successful Men and Ladies working constantly on the internet and in business's. To move into a challenge is picking up an idea that someone has tossed around and done not much with.

Challenge to pick up some of the idea, concept manipulate it and move it into a successful business. Brainstorming, well it is a challenge and gets the blood pumping for me. I am quick to realise that many businesses fail when the directors don't work on the business they work in the business.

With our business partnership, one seems to work in the business and the other on the business looking in like into a goldfish bowl. In the past it has worked. We catch up a couple of times a week for a coffee a get together and to touch base with our sense of humor. We put the challenges into perspective and the inspiration needed to get our blood pumping. We may even be working on different ideas, even different businesses however the coffee a quick chat we clear our head and move ahead.

Today was just a day where we decided that we would give an idea a go that we have seen on the back burner. We are aiming at just putting an idea together, run it through facebook. Put a little effort into it as a hobby. No challenge, well when you know that business people have tried and done nothing. You start to think why? Its a good concept was it the hook line, or was their no hook line for the business. Did they take the cotton wool off the thoughts and really try to put the ideas together.

Coffee was inspirational, now we will work on different ideas. Our mind gym exercises. It is not then just an inspiration, it's a challenge to work on something and find the solution.

We do solve problems and they are the miracle days......

I can recommend those miracle days, my self esteem goes through the roof. Truckloads are produced. Yet I smile, as it is another Challenge conquered and another goal set and passed with flying colours.

Look around you, you will find some ideas just floating around. Take them, hold them and work on them and then you too will be an Awesome Entrepreneur

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